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14.09.2014 13:54 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani band Nectar, formerly known as LeLOO has signed a contract with Chicago-based label PLG Music.
09.09.2014 13:48 Cinema, Music
Boy band One Direction announced a November release for their latest record and streamed a free single to whet fans' appetites.
06.09.2014 12:32 Cinema, Music
Belgian singer Stromae says that he may need years to "heal" himself before recording a third album.
04.09.2014 01:40 Cinema, Music
The 4th International Art Festival Japanese Autumn will be held in Almaty on September 8-9, 2014.
27.08.2014 11:05 Cinema, Music
Ecstatic fans welcomed British pop singer Kate Bush back to the stage for her first show for 35 years, in the same venue as her only previous tour.
26.08.2014 19:17 Cinema, Music
The world premier of the Abai and Shakarim suites will open at Carnegie Hall in New York on November 12, 2014.
26.08.2014 16:12 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's Astana Opera troupe will tour the United States of America, Canada, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
26.08.2014 12:48 Cinema, Music
Japanese pop-metal group Babymetal have toured with Lady Gaga and attracted monster crowds in America and Europe with their sugar-coated hard rock.
25.08.2014 12:32 Entertainment, Style
Everybody knows that wine should have a good nose, but one South African vintner wants the world to believe it also needs a good ear.
24.08.2014 16:12 Cinema, Music
The 5th Orchestra Parade will be held from September 9 to 11 at the summer amphitheater of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Almaty.
20.08.2014 16:15 Cinema, Music
Kaysar, an ethnic Kazakh living in China, has made it into the top 20 of a singing contest in China.
20.08.2014 15:12 Cinema, Music
Award-winning British rockers Arctic Monkeys are ready for a break.
19.08.2014 18:54 Cinema, Music
Eurovision-2012 winner Loreen from Sweden is going to headline the 3rd Eurasian Music Awards (EMA 2014) in Almaty.
19.08.2014 13:52 Cinema, Music
Mukhammedali Zhugunusov, a 10 year singer from Kazakhstan won the third place at the Junior New Wave 2014.
04.08.2014 13:05 Fun Stuff
Oxford choir has become popular after releasing acapella cover of Shakira's hit songs which then was tweeted by Colombian singer herself.
03.08.2014 11:29 Cinema, Music
A participant of Guitar Idol 2014 Artur Mashurov from Kazakhstan got into the Top 100 of the prestigiuous music competition.
30.07.2014 11:33 Music
A stampede during a rap concert on a Conakry beach left at least 24 people dead, Guinean hospital officials said.
29.07.2014 11:54 Music
Linda Ronstadt, who was the most successful female rocker of the 1970s and pioneered the role of women in that genre, was honored with the highest US arts prize.
27.07.2014 17:08 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani guitar player Artur Mashurov from On Top of Tengri rock festival is participating in the prestigious international competition Guitar Idol 2014.
26.07.2014 20:54 Music
Budget problems and widely publicised management disputes: the Salzburg Festival, one of the world's top opera events which kicks off this weekend, has seen almost as much drama behind the scenes as on stage in recent years.