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08.11.2014 19:11 Cinema, Music
Contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri was an event to remember in Kazakhstan's Almaty. It gathered musicians from various countries and took the audience to the roots with its ethnic chords. Those who missed the event or who want to experience it once again now have a chance. The festival organizers have prepared a special two-disc edition with a video from the concert and a set of tracks recorded in a studio.
08.11.2014 18:34 Cinema, Music
The cult British rock band has always raised hard questions. This time they offer us to contemplate the fate of the Aral Sea. A part of the sea is located in Kazakhstan.
07.11.2014 13:44 Crime
A charge alleging that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was involved in a murder plot was dropped after New Zealand authorities found there was insufficient evidence
04.11.2014 11:59 Cinema, Music
Taylor Swift, whose new album may be one of the top-selling works in years, has pulled her music from Spotify in a blow to the streaming service.
29.10.2014 10:34 Cinema, Music
The fifth installment of Lil Wayne's "Carter" series -- which the hip-hop giant has said would be the album that caps his career -- has been delayed again.
28.10.2014 10:45 Cinema, Music
Taylor Swift released a danceable pop album that the beleaguered record industry hopes will be the year's top-seller.
25.10.2014 21:49 Sport
American rappers have written a song and shot a video that pays homage to world-renowned Kazakh boxer Gennadiy Golovkin.
25.10.2014 21:15 Cinema, Music
Kazakh singer Diana Sharapova has joined the team of Russian popular singer Leonid Agutin at Golos, a Russian version of internationally renowned The Voice.
20.10.2014 15:15 Cinema, Music
James Blunt has described the multi-million selling song that made his name, You're Beautiful, as "annoying" and says it was "force-fed down people's throats".
17.10.2014 16:38 Internet
Twitter began letting people instantly listen to music and other audio by clicking on tweets from the popular messaging service.
17.10.2014 14:03 Cinema, Music
Vinyl records are enjoying a "renaissance" in Britain, the music industry's trade body said.
16.10.2014 22:17 Cinema, Music
The Astana Opera artists will perform at the Opera Bastille in Paris on November 2.
15.10.2014 14:52 Crime
American pop star Kesha sued her producer Dr. Luke for allegedly abusing her sexually and emotionally for years, while threatening to harm her career.
14.10.2014 15:15 Cinema, Music
Hip-hop newcomer Iggy Azalea dominated the shortlist for the American Music Awards with nods in six categories just months after her debut album.
14.10.2014 12:33 Cinema, Music
Vanessa Bezrodnaya, a 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan's Semey, has become the prize winner at the World Championships of Performing Arts.
13.10.2014 20:27 Cinema, Music
World famous Kazakh violinist and conductor Marat Bisengaliev will give a solo concert at the Kazakh National State Zhambyl Philharmonic Hall in Almaty on November 1.
13.10.2014 14:06 Cinema, Music
Punk legends The Clash were packing overflow crowds in the early 1980s but as his band disintegrated, Joe Strummer showed up disheveled at a bar in Granada.
12.10.2014 12:07 Cinema, Music
Maria Mudryak from Pavlodar, northern Kazakhstan will perform the leading role in famous Gaetano Donizetti’s opera The Elixir of Love.
11.10.2014 12:56 Cinema, Music
What is the price of art? Who is to support this promising Kazakh violinist?
10.10.2014 15:15 Cinema, Music
Pink Floyd's first album in 20 years will be the rock legends' last and will end on a "lyrical" note about the band's legacy.