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08.12.2014 12:41 Cinema, Music
A cuban singer Isaac has collaborated with a Kazakh ethnic rock band to produce what promisses to be a new hit in Kazakhstan.
05.12.2014 15:24 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani singer Zhanar Dugalova has become the winner of the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2014 competition that took place in Tatarstan.
05.12.2014 14:22 Cinema, Music
New Zealand prosecutors revealed that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's legal woes stem from a telephone call in which he allegedly threatened to kill a contractor and his daughter
05.12.2014 13:20 Cinema, Music
Lil Wayne's long-delayed album "Tha Carter V" won't be coming out and the US rapper is blaming his record label for the latest delay, saying he has been made "a prisoner."
03.12.2014 19:40 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani opera singer Saltanat Akhmetova has become the winner of the Big Opera television competition for young artists.
29.11.2014 13:00 Cinema, Music
Eminem is provoking more outrage on a new album in which he threatens female stars.
27.11.2014 12:59 Cinema, Music
One Direction has dethroned Taylor Swift to top US album sales charts, but the British boy band's debut was far less spectacular.
26.11.2014 14:18 Crime
A warrant was briefly issued for the arrest of AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd when he failed to arrive on time at a New Zealand court to face a threatening to kill charge.
24.11.2014 11:54 Cinema, Music
Boy bad One Direction took home top prizes at the American Music Awards.
21.11.2014 13:36 Internet
The YouTube Music Awards are undergoing an overhaul for their second edition next year, scrapping a star-studded gala and instead looking at videos' online buzz.
19.11.2014 12:16 Environment
U2, who faced mockery for sending their album for free to iTunes' half billion users, are back with a new experiment -- a film version by leading urban artists.
18.11.2014 11:25 Cinema, Music
One Direction has returned for the fourth straight year with a holiday season album, as the boy band proves its longevity through a gradually maturing sound.
17.11.2014 22:17 Cinema, Music
Kazakh oboe player Kamilla Bisengaliyeva has been invited to become part of one of the most popular British symphonic orchestras.
14.11.2014 12:55 Cinema, Music
Boy George called off a reunion tour of 1980s pop sensations Culture Club after the British singer discovered a potentially serious problem in his throat.
14.11.2014 12:20 Cinema, Music
The history of rock 'n' roll has been attempted in exhaustive compilations and encyclopedic guides. The Foo Fighters are trying the feat in a 42-minute album.
13.11.2014 11:38 Internet
YouTube introduced a long-rumored subscription music video service with ad-free access to tunes in a challenge to Spotify, Pandora, Apple and others
12.11.2014 20:56 Cinema, Music
Pink Floyd have released a music video to the song 'Louder than Words' featuring the Aral Sea promoting its latest album The Endless River.
12.11.2014 12:50 Cinema, Music
All ethnic music enthusiasts can now purchase tickets for the presentation concert of the two-disc edition of The Spirit of Tengri-2014.
12.11.2014 11:02 Companies
Spotify's chief executive said his company was on the side of musicians after popular US artist Taylor Swift withdrew her music from the online music service.
11.11.2014 10:48 Cinema, Music
The Rolling Stones are embroiled in a legal feud with insurance underwriters who refused to pay for a tour cancellation.