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31.01.2015 14:43 Companies
US rap star Jay Z made a $56-million foray into the music streaming business, buying Norway's Wimp in a bid to compete with giants like Spotify and Apple.
31.01.2015 14:25 Cinema, Music
The concert promoter AEG was in no way responsible for Michael Jackson's death, a California court ruled as it rejected an appeal brought by the singer's mother.
30.01.2015 11:46 Entertainment, Style
Rocker Tom Petty says he never threatened to sue Sam Smith over his smash hit "Stay With Me" and agreed that similarities to his own "I Won't Back Down" were coincidence.
24.01.2015 12:10 Cinema, Music
Bob Dylan is giving away his latest album for free to select seniors as the 73-year-old rock legend says he is at peace with getting older.
22.01.2015 13:24 Environment
Linkin Park has canceled nearly a month of concerts around North America after the arena-packing hard rockers' lead vocalist Chester Bennington injured his leg.
19.01.2015 01:51 Cinema, Music
Marat Bisengaliev played neoclassical music for symphony orchestra and solo violin of Kazakh composer Yerkesh Shakeyev.
18.01.2015 05:10 Sport
Rapper Mario Ruiz has recorded a song dedicated to the Kazakhstani boxer Gennady Golovkin.
15.01.2015 09:55 Cinema, Music
World famous opera singer Barseg Tumanyan will give a solo concert on January 16 in Astana Opera.
15.01.2015 09:47 Cinema, Music
Kazakh National State Zhambyl Philharmonic Hall invites for the night of French chanson and Classic String Quartet music.
07.01.2015 15:33 Cinema, Music
Rock star Neil Young announced his high-resolution music player Pono to the general public after delivering some 20,000 devices to Kickstarter supporters.
02.01.2015 15:01 Cinema, Music
Famous Kazakh violinist Aiman Musakhodzhayev speaks about the Eurasian Symphony Orchestra.
31.12.2014 13:17 Entertainment, Style
Military Bank of the Ministry of Defense has made a surprise to unsuspecting mall visitors.
25.12.2014 13:59 Cinema, Music
Kazakh band Mezzo has created a medley of the 10 most popular domestic hits.
23.12.2014 14:49 People
Legendary singer Joe Cocker, whose intense, gritty voice won him wide acclaim that spanned both rock and blues, has died at age 70.
22.12.2014 14:11 Cinema, Music
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd described allegations he tried to hire a hitman as "ludicrous" and said he wanted to keep his job with the top-selling rock band.
16.12.2014 12:19 Cinema, Music
Arman Murzagaliyev will perform on the stage of the Astana Opera with his trio Remi on December 17.
15.12.2014 15:25 Entertainment, Style
"Bearded lady" Conchita Wurst is headed for the recording studio but doesn't rule out hanging up her stiletto heels in the coming years.
10.12.2014 17:57 Cinema, Music
Kazakh composer Yerkesh Shakeyev will present his neoclassical works in St. Luke's church in London.
08.12.2014 12:56 People
The UNESCO has included the art of Kazakh dombra kuy and traditional knowledge and skills in Kazakh and Kyrgyz yurt into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
08.12.2014 12:51 Cinema, Music
Kazakh singer Rosa Nurkey of Astana Opera has become one of the winners of the 3rd International Competition-festival of Choral, Instrumental Music and Academic Vocal in Turku, Finland.