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27.02.2015 11:07 Entertainment, Style
The childhood home of former Beatle Paul McCartney sold for £150,000 ($231,000, 206,000 euros) at an auction in Liverpool, hometown of the legendary 1960s rock band.
26.02.2015 16:01 Entertainment, Style
Madonna's on-stage fall at the Brit Awards was mocked mercilessly on the Internet, unleashing a wave of jokes and memes about the 56-year-old star's cape malfunction.
26.02.2015 13:09 Entertainment, Style
British singers Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith took two prizes each at a glittering Brit Awards marred by a mishap that saw Madonna dragged to the ground by her cape.
26.02.2015 11:16 Entertainment, Style
Scarlett Johansson can expect her name to boost sales, but her new band's decision to call itself the seemingly innocuous The Singles has triggered a firestorm.
25.02.2015 14:20 Entertainment, Style
R&B star Chris Brown ditched a performance Tuesday in Canada at the 11th hour after he was barred entry.
25.02.2015 13:34 Cinema, Music
U2 faced such a backlash over its free album that the band apologized, but the Irish superstars claimed vindication as research showed its music dominated iTunes listening.
24.02.2015 13:55 Entertainment, Style
Taylor Swift was crowned the world's top-selling artist in 2014, although an industry group said that the Disney soundtrack "Frozen" would have beaten her.
23.02.2015 15:33 Cinema, Music
The Academy Awards hailed the 50th anniversary, recruiting Lady Gaga to gracefully sing a medley of memorable tunes from "The Sound of Music."
20.02.2015 12:31 Cinema, Music
Pussy Riot, the Russian band jailed after mocking the Kremlin, has released a first English-language song that takes aim not at Vladimir Putin but at US police brutality.
19.02.2015 10:27 Cinema, Music
The rapper Drake cruised to number one on the US charts with his new album, even though he released it only digitally and with no prior publicity.
19.02.2015 02:24 Cinema, Music
The first concert featured music of French composers and took place at the Astana Art Gallery on February 19.
15.02.2015 12:37 Sport
Gennady Golovkin met media reps during his training session at Big Bear in California.
13.02.2015 02:18 Sport
Mario Ruiz and Omar Cruz has released the second video dedicated to the WBA Super, IBO and WBC Interim middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan.
11.02.2015 03:18 Cinema, Music
Masterpieces of Italian classical music will be performed on the stage of a young theater in Almaty.
10.02.2015 14:03 Cinema, Music
The Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin announced a tour of arenas around North America to accompany his first studio album in four years.
10.02.2015 10:54 Entertainment, Style
Eminem won the Grammy Sunday for Best Rap Album for "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," beating out newcomers to cement his role.
06.02.2015 02:27 Cinema, Music
The Astana Opera has dedicated the Vsyo o Lubvy (Everything about Love) concert to the Valentine’s Day.
05.02.2015 01:05 Cinema, Music
Violinist Amir Bisengaliyev and pianist Akmaral Kazhgaliyeva will be presenting their concert of selected love pieces for St. Valentine's Day.
02.02.2015 15:13 People
Italian-born French piano virtuoso Aldo Ciccolini died overnight at his home in the Paris area after a long illness.
02.02.2015 13:40 Entertainment, Style
Singer Katy Perry dazzled at Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show in a spectacular performance featuring dancing sharks.
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