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22.11.2012 12:53 Disasters
A New Zealand volcano used as a backdrop to "The Lord of the Rings" films erupted on Wednesday, sending a column of ash two kilometres (1.2 miles) above the North Island.
16.11.2012 12:07 Cinema, Music
Steppe Flowers: Panorama of Kazakhstan Cinema festival will be held in the U.S.
10.11.2012 13:18 People
Daniel Craig wanted to get out of the role of James Bond from his first appearance as the famed British spy, he said in an interview published as the latest 007 movie was released in the US Friday.
03.11.2012 13:13 Cinema, Music
After a detour into animation, "Forrest Gump" director Robert Zemeckis returns to live-action film with "Flight," which starts with a plane crash but centers more on personal rather than airborne crises.
02.11.2012 13:04 Cinema, Music
Timing is everything in show business, but the director of the first movie about the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden doubts its television premiere Sunday will swing the US election.
26.10.2012 15:38 Cinema, Music
The movie called Astana Expo 2017 – The Great Expectation of Kazakhstan received the second place, Silver Dolphin Award, in Cannes.
29.09.2012 14:51 Cinema, Music
Director Ang Lee brought the best-selling novel into stunning 3D life with a production featuring an unknown Indian actor, four tigers and the world's biggest wave machine.
24.09.2012 15:16 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan-made Kieli Meken movie is a documentary filmed prior to the 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.
18.09.2012 16:24 Cinema, Music
Famous Kazakhstan, Russian and American actors were among the guests of the opening ceremony of Eurasia Film Festival in Almaty.
10.09.2012 10:43 Science, Technologies
Yernar Kurmashev, a Computer Graphics Studio producer, told about the challenges they experienced when animating the movie and their future plans.
08.09.2012 17:46 Cinema, Music
Movies from France, South Korea and the United States are tipped by critics as the favourites to win this year's Golden Lion award at the Venice film festival due to be announced on Saturday.
07.09.2012 16:05 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's Realtor movie directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov was awarded at the 6th Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival in South Korea.
07.09.2012 11:09 Cinema, Music
Head of Kun-Do stunt fighting school Igor Tsay shared his opinion on the popularity of Kazakhstan stunt actors abroad.
05.09.2012 11:02 Cinema, Music
French director Olivier Assayas says he wanted to to pay tribute to the freedom of the politically engaged 1970s of his youth in his new film "Apres mai," in competition at the Venice film festival.
03.09.2012 15:51 Cinema, Music
Horror flick "The Possession" exorcised A-list action romp "The Expendables 2" from the top slot at the North American box office at the weekend.
01.09.2012 14:25 Cinema, Music
French film "Superstar" shone a harsh spotlight on celebrity culture at the Venice festival this week.
30.08.2012 11:41 Crime
Families of victims of the Colorado movie theater shooting voiced anger Tuesday over the distribution of funds intended for them, saying they had so far received only a tiny slice.
23.08.2012 17:43 Health
Reports of several cases of syphilis among porn actors in California has prompted a trade group to call for a temporary halt to shooting in the lucrative US adult film industry.
20.08.2012 17:53 Cinema, Music
The Selection Board of the 8th Eurasia Film Festival has announced the movies selected for the festival.
20.08.2012 10:59 Cinema, Music
All-star action romp "The Expendables 2" opened on top at the North American box office this week, pushing another sequel, "The Bourne Legacy," off the summit.
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