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25.11.2014 15:34 Entertainment, Style
The painted upright piano that adorned Rick's Cafe in the classic movie "Casablanca" fetched $3.4 million at auction Monday after a frenzied sale in New York.
04.11.2014 13:13 Cinema, Music
Horror movie "Ouija" held off creepy thriller "Nightcrawler" to stay atop the Halloween weekend box office in North America.
27.10.2014 12:42 Cinema, Music
Kazakh film The Owners has been awarded two presigious awards, one in the United States, another in Poland.
23.10.2014 12:22 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani filmmaker Margulan Kapashev’s Free Birds has been chosen for the Crystal Palace International Film Festival in London.
04.10.2014 11:42 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani filmmaker Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s The Owners has been selected for Busan International Film Festival.
03.10.2014 00:54 Cinema, Music
The French are going to shoot a movie in Kazakhstan starring Pierre Richard in lead role.
29.09.2014 14:53 Cinema, Music
Denzel Washington fought his way to the top of the North American box office in action-thriller "The Equalizer."
27.09.2014 10:51 Cinema, Music
Rhett Butler may not give a damn, but fans of "Gone with the Wind" are more than happy to see the 1939 classic return to cinemas for its 75th anniversary.
23.09.2014 12:56 Cinema, Music
Blockbuster musical "The Lion King" was named the most successful production in history.
18.09.2014 20:20 Cinema, Music
The Owners by Kazakh director will be screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival.
18.09.2014 12:08 Science, Technologies
In the movie "Finding Nemo," a father clownfish swims across the ocean to find the son he lost, but in reality, it's the babies that make long journeys to survive
13.09.2014 11:57 Cinema, Music
Hollywood's annual awards season may be months away yet, but for many the race for Oscars gold has already started.
08.09.2014 14:35 Cinema, Music
The pros and cons of playing a fictional versus real person -- acclaimed American actor Denzel Washington shared how he approaches acting.
08.09.2014 12:08 Cinema, Music
Oscar winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer feud over custody of a biracial child in "Black & White."
06.09.2014 10:52 Cinema, Music
Robert Downey Jr. has shed his box-office-busting superhero suit to take on a quiet family drama in the Toronto film festival opener "The Judge''.
05.09.2014 15:13 Cinema, Music
The red carpet has been rolled out for the 39th Toronto International Film Festival, which opened amid criticism over new rules.
04.09.2014 14:09 Cinema, Music
The "Frozen" princess stars of Disney's Oscar-winning animated film are set to return in a short sequel to be released next spring.
03.09.2014 10:00 Cinema, Music
Japanese war film "Fires on the Plain" has both thrilled and shocked Venice film festival.
01.09.2014 12:07 Cinema, Music
The race for the Golden Lion in Venice took a dark turn on Sunday with stories of war and genocide.
31.08.2014 02:02 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani film director Emir Baigazin’s Wounded Angel has won the CineLink Work in Progress session at the Sarajevo International Film Festival.
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