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21.02.2013 10:51 Science, Technologies
As Mozambique struggles to recover from the worst flooding in more than a decade, aid agencies are pioneering the use of mobile phones to distribute aid and, they hope, cut the cost of logistics in disaster zones.
14.01.2013 13:56 Politics
Officials sent mixed signals Sunday about the condition of cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, fueling growing political uncertainty in the oil-rich country.
21.12.2012 16:19 Internet
Facebook on Thursday began testing the feasibility of charging to guarantee that messages from strangers make it into inboxes of intended recipients at the social network.
12.12.2012 15:33 Internet
Pope Benedict XVI is due to send out his first, much-anticipated Twitter message on Wednesday, with hundreds of thousands of followers already signed up to receive the tweet.
04.12.2012 12:30 Science, Technologies
The British software engineer who sent the world's first text message 20 years ago said on Monday that he is amazed at how the technology has developed.
05.10.2012 17:51 Science, Technologies
A palm-sized Japanese satellite in orbit around Earth will flash a Morse code message that will be visible around the world from next month.
26.07.2012 11:47 Health
Stella Nayiga clutches her mobile phone as she describes the messages that she received punctually every morning and evening for over a year, reminding her to take her antiretroviral (ARV) drugs regularly.
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