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23.01.2013 16:56 Companies
Miners of the coal department of ArcelorMittal Temirtau have filed a claim against the company.
19.01.2013 13:04 Internet
Apple chief Tim Cook and Google chairman Eric Schmidt are expected to face questioning in a lawsuit accusing Silicon Valley giants of secretly agreeing not to "poach" one another's workers.
18.01.2013 15:29 Crime
The widow of a victim of the US theater massacre is suing a psychiatrist for neglect, for failing to have the alleged shooter arrested despite him having "fantasized about killing a lot of people."
11.01.2013 13:21 Companies
The board of giant insurer AIG decided Wednesday not to join a private shareholder lawsuit against the US government over the $182 billion rescue of the insurer in 2008.
25.12.2012 19:03 Companies
A lawsuit is seeking to stop Instagram from changing its terms of service, saying the Facebook-owned smartphone photo-sharing service is breaching its contract with users.
25.12.2012 17:43 Strange News
An "irresistible" Iowa dental assistant fired for threatening her boss's marriage -- even though she turned away his advances -- has lost her discrimination lawsuit.
05.12.2012 10:17 Companies
A minority shareholder in BP's Russian joint venture TNK-BP has dropped a long-running $9.3 billion suit against the British oil giant.
30.11.2012 13:42 Crime
A Manhattan nanny accused of stabbing to death two small children in her care before trying to commit suicide pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a hospital court hearing.
23.11.2012 19:26 Internet
The said blog-platforms and social networks are not defendants in the lawsuits of Almaty prosecutors against Respublika and Vzglyad magazines: representative.
23.11.2012 19:14 Crime
Google, Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal are on the list of defendants in Almaty prosecutors’ case to close several Kazakhstan opposition media outlets.
21.11.2012 17:48 Politics
South Korea's ruling party has threatened to sue an artist who painted its presidential candidate giving birth to her father, former dictator Park Chung-Hee, likening the work to Nazi propaganda.
21.11.2012 12:37 Cinema, Music
Warner Bros declined to comment Tuesday on a lawsuit by the estate of author J.R.R Tolkien claiming that the film giant is abusing its right to merchandising linked to "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit."
07.11.2012 10:01 Companies
A federal judge on Monday tossed out an Apple lawsuit accusing Google-owned Motorola Mobility of trying to charge the iPhone maker too much for licenses to essential technology for mobile devices.
27.10.2012 17:55 Crime
A Japanese court dismissed a sexual harassment and unfair dismissal suit against fashion house Prada after management told a female worker to lose weight and keep in shape.
26.10.2012 11:44 Cinema, Music
Troubled Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is suing the publishers of US magazine Life and Style for $50 million over a cover claiming he had abandoned his daughter Suri.
20.10.2012 17:11 Crime
The family of a 14-year-old Maryland girl is suing the California makers of Monster Energy, alleging Friday that too much caffeine in the popular energy drink led to her death.
14.10.2012 12:49 Companies
A US beverage industry group and other businesses filed a lawsuit Friday against the administration of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg seeking to block restrictions on sales of large soda drinks.
11.10.2012 15:57 Companies
The US filed suit Tuesday against US banking giant Wells Fargo, alleging mortgage fraud that cost the government hundreds of million of dollars after the holders of the home loans defaulted.
05.10.2012 12:24 Cinema, Music
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is suing a US-based Chinese online news outlet over claims that she was a prostitute who had sex with top official Bo Xilai and others.
02.10.2012 15:02 Companies
The state of New York filed suit against JPMorgan Chase and its subsidiary JPMorgan Securities Monday over the allegedly fraudulent sales of mortgage-backed securities ahead of the US financial crisis.
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