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22.12.2013 10:45 Cinema, Music
Tom Cruise has reached a settlement with a magazine publisher he sued for $50 million in libel damages over claims he abandoned his daughter Suri after his divorce, the star's lawyer said Friday.
20.12.2013 15:59 Strange News
An Australian woman is suing a deli after drinking bottled water that allegedly contained semen, lawyers said Friday, with claims that DNA showed it matched the owner of the business.
19.12.2013 16:16 Cinema, Music
A US-based Chinese news agency has apologized to award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi for claiming she slept with top Chinese officials for money and gifts, a publicist said Wednesday.
29.11.2013 17:17 Companies
Kazakh-Chinese company AktobeMunaiGas owes more than 250 million tenge ($1.6 million) to its Kazakhstan staff.
20.11.2013 10:07 Companies
A Taiwanese electronics company said Wednesday it has filed a lawsuit against South Korean tech giant Samsung for allegedly infringing on its optics technology patents.
07.11.2013 12:35 Politics
Some of the EU countries are resisting extradition of fugitive Kazakhstan tycoon.
06.11.2013 21:03 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan wants to start confiscating property of fugitive tycoons without getting a court verdict.
04.11.2013 15:48 Crime
Imprisoned in USA, Dias Kadyrbaev and Azamat Tazhayakov have been transferred to the same cell after months of solitary confinement.
03.11.2013 13:40 Environment
ENRC corporation is threatening to sue an environmental inspector from Pavlodar Oblast.
28.10.2013 12:00 Companies
Global drinks giant Treasury Wine Estates was Monday facing a class-action lawsuit from Australian shareholders after oversupply issues forced six million bottles of wine to be poured down the drain.
11.10.2013 14:54 Crime
The US is turning to new drugs for lethal injections as supplies of the current standard dwindle, sparking lawsuits from death row prisoners that the changes will cause undue suffering.
03.10.2013 13:55 Cinema, Music
A California jury on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit brought by Michael Jackson's family seeking massive damages from tour promoter AEG Live over the pop legend's 2009 death.
05.09.2013 16:03 People
Flamboyant Australian billionaire Clive Palmer on Thursday said he plans to sue Rupert Murdoch over unflattering allegations and claimed the media mogul's estranged wife is a Chinese spy.
31.08.2013 11:42 Internet
Microsoft on Friday said that a battle to shed light on secret US government requests for Internet user data would play out in court after failed peace talks.
27.08.2013 15:30 Companies
A US judge on Monday approved a deal in which Facebook will pay $20 million for using members "likes" as endorsements for ads.
15.08.2013 17:22 Companies
Lawyers for US Airways and American Airlines voiced confidence Wednesday that they can defeat the US suit to prevent their merger, but allowed that a negotiated deal was also possible.
14.08.2013 15:58 Companies
The US Justice Department and several states sued Tuesday to block the $11 billion merger between American Airlines and US Airways, saying it would reduce competition and push up fares.
14.08.2013 11:03 Companies
Brazil has filed a lawsuit against Samsung alleging poor working conditions at a factory in the Amazon and is demanding more than $100 million in damages.
09.08.2013 17:27 Crime
Hearings on the case of several European banks against major Kazakhstan's Ivolga-Holding over 18 million Euro will start on August 29.
08.08.2013 10:42 Companies
The US government on Tuesday sued Bank of America for defrauding investors in the sale of $850 million in mortgage-backed securities ahead of the housing bust.
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