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01.02.2013 12:52 Companies
Twinkie manufacturer Hostess said Wednesday it had chosen a joint offer from investment firms C. Dean Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management LLC as the lead bid to buy the popular snack maker.
27.01.2013 17:38 Companies
Starbucks has threatened to suspend millions of pounds of investment in Britain over what it sees as unfair targeting by Prime Minister David Cameron over its tax affairs.
15.01.2013 13:57 Finance
As of September 30, 2012, the Netherlands were responsible for 1/3 of all the investments into the Kazakh economy ($49 billion), followed by the UK ($24.7 billion) and China ($18.2 billion).
19.12.2012 12:46 Finance
An investors forum was held in North-Kazakhstan Oblast of Kazakhstan.
17.12.2012 16:56 Markets
Kazakhstan will sign up for projects with foreign investors for over $300 million.
17.12.2012 16:31 Companies
Apple is interested in implementation of its IT solutions in applications for Kazakhstan schools: expert.
11.12.2012 14:29 Companies
Russian investment company Fastlane Ventures announced attraction of $13 million from Kazakhstan businessman Kenes Rakishev.
04.12.2012 10:32 Politics
A Kazakhstan delegation led by Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev will visit the U.S. on December 5-11.
28.11.2012 14:26 Politics
The decision was made in Washington during the talks on Kazakhstan’s accession into the WTO.
28.11.2012 12:37 Laws, Initiatives
President Nazarbayev believes if a country region attracts investments to a deposit of natural resources, part of the proceedings should be retained by this particular region.
21.11.2012 15:42 Markets
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister talked about cooperation opportunities of the two countries at Kazakhstan-Sri Lankan business forum in Astana.
20.11.2012 18:14 Politics
Commodities turnover between Kazakhstan and South Korea will double are reach $2 billion by the end of 2012 Ambassador.
14.11.2012 11:51 Industry, Infrastructure
Fonroche Energie SAS and ZhambylHydroEnergo are implementing a project to construct a solar power plant in Zhambyl oblast.
13.11.2012 18:19 Politics
Japanese Foreign Minister has declared the country's intention to spend $700 million in Central Asia.
01.11.2012 14:29 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan embassies all over the world will be reporting to Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies on investments.
31.10.2012 12:16 Markets
Nissan would think twice before making new investments in China, the firm's chief told the Financial Times, as Japan-brand auto sales dive amid a territorial row between Tokyo and Beijing.
25.10.2012 13:25 Politics
Agreements worth 170 million Euro were signed during Kazakhstan-Austrian economic forum participated by Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev.
18.10.2012 15:19 Politics
The event was organized by Kazakhstan’s General Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions jointly with SB Capital and Cedrus Investments.
06.10.2012 10:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Spain's Crown Prince Felipe de Borbon on Thursday visited major construction projects in economically-booming Panama on a trip to highlight Spanish investment in the region.
05.10.2012 13:41 Internet
Facebook on Thursday celebrated eclipsing the billion-member mark, touting its mission to make the world more social while investors wondered how the service would cash in on its popularity.
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