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18.10.2012 11:22 Health
An Indonesian cruise ship crew member died of meningitis on Tuesday, nine days after being hospitalised with three colleagues in the western Italian port city of Livorno.
17.10.2012 17:20 Health
Criminal investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration searched a Massachusetts pharmacy Tuesday which made tainted drugs tied to a meningitis outbreak that has killed 15 people.
17.10.2012 13:04 Health
US health officials identified two new drugs Monday which may have infected patients with meningitis as they investigate a widening outbreak tied to tainted products from a Massachusetts pharmacy.
16.10.2012 10:53 Health
Fungal meningitis tied to a contaminated steroid has affected 205 people in a worsening outbreak of the infection that has killed 15 people in the United States.
07.10.2012 14:27 Health
A contaminated drug has been linked to a deadly outbreak of meningitis that has claimed the lives of at least five people and sickened 42 others in seven US states.
06.09.2012 13:24 Health
Infections and fatalities from West Nile virus have risen to new record levels in the United States in the first week of September.
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