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29.04.2014 18:19 Entertainment, Style
Almaty and Astana have prepared a great number of venues and concerts to celebrate all the nations living in Kazakhstan.
22.04.2014 18:54 Entertainment, Style
Military parade will take place in Astana on May 7th as part of the Defender of Motherland Day celebration.
21.04.2014 17:01 Religion
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty to wish Happy Easter to all Christian Kazakhstanis.
20.04.2014 11:40 Religion
With a nighttime procession lit by the glimmer of devotional candles and the flash of smartphone cameras, a church in Turkish-held northern Cyprus hosted its first Easter mass in nearly 60 years.
19.04.2014 12:37 Religion
Pope Francis attended an emotional night of prayers for hot-button social issues including domestic abuse, prison overcrowding and unemployment to mark the Good Friday before Easter.
18.04.2014 17:26 Laws, Initiatives
Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has signed a governmental decree shifting the dates to make May holidays longer.
25.03.2014 19:57 Entertainment, Style
Tengrinews TV has obtained a rare video of Nauryz celebration dated back to the Soviet era.
24.03.2014 14:42 Entertainment, Style
Kostanay city fried over one ton of Nauryz baursaks and treated the city folks with the yummy snacks.
24.03.2014 13:00 Entertainment, Style
$1.8 million was spent on the Nauryz celebration in Astana.
22.03.2014 12:21 Politics
President Nazarbayev has congratulated Kazakhstanis on the spring holiday Nauryz.
21.03.2014 20:13 Entertainment, Style
Around the world and here in the United States you're gathering at the Nauryz table to give thanks for loved ones, reflect on your blessings and welcome all the possibilities of a new season: Barack Obama.
21.03.2014 19:31 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstanis will be celebrating spring equinox holiday Nauryz for 5 days.
21.03.2014 16:58 Entertainment, Style
Most of Almaty residents intend to spend Nauryz holiday at home with their families or enjoying the spring outdoors.
20.03.2014 11:45 Entertainment, Style
Heavy snowing did not stop Almaty folks from coming up to the high-altitude Medeo skating rink to celebrate the Women’s Day with music and performances organized by TengriFM and Kaspi Bank.
08.03.2014 16:52 Entertainment, Style
A list of the most popular gifts for March 8 -- the International Women's Day -- in Kazakhstan has been made.
08.03.2014 16:38 Entertainment, Style
March 8 - the International Women's Day - is a very popular holiday in Kazakhstan. And it is a must for every gentleman in the county to congratulate the ladies that are dear to him and to make sure that all the ladies around enjoy the day.
08.03.2014 16:05 Entertainment, Style
The International Women’s Day on March 8 traditionally makes gentlemen get their wallets and credit cards ready.
06.03.2014 18:39 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan is celebrating two bank holidays in March: March 8 and Nauryz.
06.03.2014 13:32 Cinema, Music
An announcement to the lucky Almaty natives and visitors: TengriFM radio is hosting a concert on March 8 to celebrate the International Women’s day at the Medeo Skating Rink.
03.02.2014 11:00 Entertainment, Style
Hooves clash in mid-air, a stallion bites his opponent while delighted spectators cheer wildly -- in southern China some saw in the Year of the Horse by watching the animals fight.
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