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22.11.2014 14:58 National cooking
In the run-up to Thanksgiving, a holiday to celebrate bountiful harvests, Americans are being urged to stop wasting food so much.
22.11.2014 13:17 Entertainment, Style
Shymbulak Skiing Resort situated near Kazakhstan's Almaty has been named one of the most expensive skiing resorts among Post-Soviet countries.
06.10.2014 16:32 People
A family of 27 teachers have been honored in Shymkent, southern Kazakshtan on the eve of the Teacher's Day.
06.10.2014 11:28 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the Kurban Ait holiday.
13.09.2014 22:45 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated Kazakhstanis on the Family Day.
30.08.2014 22:22 Politics
Kazakhstan is celebrating the Constitution Day and will enjoy three days off for the holiday this year on August 30, 31, and September 1.
30.08.2014 20:17 Markets
Kazakhstani tour operators may eventually be forced out of business by Russian companies through 'dumping'.
30.08.2014 00:54 Science, Technologies
Yurt, a portable dwelling of Central Asian nomads, may be recognized as a cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan by the end of 2014.
24.08.2014 16:12 Cinema, Music
The 5th Orchestra Parade will be held from September 9 to 11 at the summer amphitheater of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Almaty.
22.08.2014 14:32 Entertainment, Style
Almaty's Central Park to bring memories of the past decades with thematic zones and music.
11.08.2014 19:59 Politics
Governor of Kyzylorda Oblast has congratulated the construction workers on their professional day - the second Sunday of August.
25.07.2014 18:28 Unrest
Around 50 Kazakhstani tourists cannot leave Israel after a Palestinian missile hit the area near the Tel Aviv Airport.
16.07.2014 13:36 Entertainment, Style
All of them were unlucky to buy non-refundable air tickets for chartered flights to be performed by Turkey-based Atlas Jet that has halted its regular flights.
10.07.2014 18:55 Entertainment, Style
Almost one million people gathered in Astana for the celebrations of the Capital Day this year.
07.07.2014 09:13 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in the celebrations of the Day of the Capital.
30.06.2014 19:37 Entertainment, Style
Celebrations of the 16th anniversary of Astana will include an unforgettable 4D-show.
09.05.2014 18:15 Entertainment, Style
Big Love Fest was held in Almaty for the fourth time as a celebration of the Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu Day, a Kazakh version of the Valentine's Day.
02.05.2014 00:12 Politics
President Nazarbayev has participated in the celebration of the Holiday of Nations Unity in Astana.
01.05.2014 23:48 Entertainment, Style
The main idea behind the celebration is to create awareness of the great number of ethnic groups and nations living in Kazakhstan.
30.04.2014 23:26 Entertainment, Style
May 1 is the day Almaty will start its fountain season this year. 10 large fountains will be turned on.
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