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28.01.2014 13:01 Politics
Oil and gas companies are going to be held responsible for the labor conflicts occurring on their sites.
21.01.2014 13:48 Markets
Kazakhstan should develop oil and gas transport infrastructure and take a hard stance of pricing talks in the region: Maria van der Hoeven.
21.01.2014 13:00 Markets
The moratorium on holding tenders on subsoil use rights for natural resources, including oil, was lifted at the meeting in January 2013.
20.01.2014 16:31 Politics
Nazarbayev instructed the state officials to increase financing of scientific research in Kazakhstan.
17.01.2014 13:58 Environment
The international consortium developing in the giant Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan will be subject to emissions penalties.
16.01.2014 11:23 Politics
Kazakhstan will cooperate with Vietnam in oil and gas.
11.01.2014 12:08 Politics
Iranian Deputy Minister Valiola Afkhami visited Astana to meet with his Kazakhstani counterpart at the 3rd sitting of the Kazakh-Iranian Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation.
09.01.2014 19:22 Industry, Infrastructure
NCOC, the Kashagan field operator, has started discussing possible technological scenarios of safe oil production restart.
06.01.2014 15:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Officials gathered in Astana to discuss production of methane from Karaganda coal basin.
04.01.2014 13:00 Sport
Increasingly under the international spotlight after earning the right to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to become a sporting super-power.
26.12.2013 16:55 Markets
In its Development Strategy, KazMunaiGas has set an optimistic target to produce 15 million tons of oil from the Kashagan field in 2022.
26.12.2013 13:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Experts are expected to release their statements on the condition of malfunctioning pipelines at the Kashagan field in mid-January 2014.
14.12.2013 10:39 People
A door-to-door salesperson who ignored a "Do Not Knock" sign to try to win over a gas customer has ended up costing their Australian employers Aus$60,000 (US$53,600).
13.12.2013 12:01 Laws, Initiatives
Mexico's Congress approved historic energy reform Thursday aimed at luring foreign oil firms back into the country and ending the state's 75-year-old monopoly following a heated debate.
11.12.2013 13:40 Environment
Conservationists on Wednesday slammed Australia's approval for an Indian firm to expand a major coal port on the Great Barrier Reef coast, warning it would hasten the natural wonder's demise.
11.12.2013 10:58 Industry, Infrastructure
Luring millions of tourists a year with its crystal-clear waters, warm winters and precious wildlife, Spain's Canary Islands may hold another treasure -- oil -- that is attracting a less welcome visitor.
10.12.2013 01:11 Industry, Infrastructure
Sulphide stress corrosion is the direct cause of the gas leak at the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan.
09.12.2013 14:16 Companies
Chevron said Sunday it has restarted work on its first shale gas exploration well in Romania, a day after protests forced the US energy giant to suspend the operation.
06.12.2013 14:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Oil production at the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan is going to be restarted only in 2014, after full inspection of all the pipelines.
04.12.2013 18:02 Environment
CNPC AktobeMunaiGas will have to pay 7.7 billion tenge ($50 million) for environmental violations in Kazakhstan.
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