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16.07.2014 13:51 Markets
Earlier the country’s Oil Minister Uzakbai Karabalin assured journalists the country wasn’t going to face any petrol shortages.
16.07.2014 10:45 Companies
The Indian government has announced a new penalty of $579 million on the country's largest private company, Reliance Industries, for failing to meet commitments to supply gas for the fourth year in a row.
15.07.2014 13:51 Politics
Cambodian police Tuesday fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators demanding authorities reopen the country's main protest venue, as clashes left at least 30 people injured, rights groups said.
14.07.2014 15:08 Companies
Kashagan will be developed by a consolidated joint venture company.
07.07.2014 11:36 Science, Technologies
Oil recovery efficiency will be increased from the current 31% to 43% at oilfields in Mangistau Oblast through use of new technologies.
03.07.2014 00:53 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that the cost of electricity and gas would grow.
01.07.2014 18:22 Industry, Infrastructure
700 percent is the estimated increase in the original cost of the Kashagan oil field project after the complete replacement of its pipelines.
27.06.2014 13:36 Emergencies
A massive explosion Friday on a state-owned gas pipeline running through the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh killed at least 16 people and gutted scores of homes, a state minister said.
26.06.2014 15:22 Industry, Infrastructure
Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant (PPP) has closed down for scheduled repair works.
23.06.2014 14:47 Unrest
Police fired tear gas at supporters of a Canada-based cleric at Islamabad airport on Monday as he returned to Pakistan to lead what he has called a "revolution" against the elected government.
18.06.2014 14:43 Politics
Members of the Kashagan project have signed a memorandum with the Kazakhstan Government on stages of the oilfield's development.
18.06.2014 13:12 Companies
North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) informed that the transition to a new operator of the Kashagan project started back in May 2014.
16.06.2014 18:59 Industry, Infrastructure
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso declared that EU will resume the development of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TCP).
13.06.2014 18:03 Emergencies
Seven miners were killed and two others are missing after a gas explosion ripped through an underground coal mine in eastern Ukraine, authorities said.
13.06.2014 12:08 Politics
A poisonous gas leak at one of India's largest steel plants killed six people overnight and injured 31 others, a factory official said.
10.06.2014 21:40 Markets
Demand for natural gas is set to nearly double within five years in China but the emerging market giant will meet half that with domestic supplies, the International Energy Agency said.
10.06.2014 11:45 Politics
Ukraine's week of tough negotiations with Russia, aimed at ending a separatist insurgency and averting a gas cut-off, got off to a rocky start as a round of gas talks broke up early Tuesday without a deal.
04.06.2014 23:03 Unrest
Turkish soldiers on Wednesday fired tear gas and water cannon at Kurds protesting plans to build military barracks in the southeast of the country.
30.05.2014 01:06 Politics
Prominent Russian politician Igor Shuvalov talked about benefits of the Eurasian Economic Union in Kazakhstan's Astana.
27.05.2014 17:16 Markets
We expect the gross production of crude and condensed gas to reach 112 million tons a year by 2030; the figure stood at 81.8 million tons last year: Uzakbai Karabalin.
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