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09.10.2014 18:27 Laws, Initiatives
The Minister of Energy says there is a need for monitoring devices on Kazakhstan's oil and gas wells.
08.10.2014 12:16 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has received letters of credence from ambassadors of 11 countries.
02.10.2014 13:39 Politics
President of Kazakhstan said that traditional energy was not possible to replace with alternative sources, which is why Kazakhstan should not be afraid of that its economy is based on raw materials.
02.10.2014 00:58 Markets
Gasoline prices in Kazakhstan are substantially lower than those of the neighbouring Russia. They will be gradually growing until they match the Russian prices by 2019.
02.10.2014 00:45 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested Russia to start a joint geological exploration project to find new oil fields.
30.09.2014 23:06 Politics
at the 4th Caspian Summit President of Russia called five Caspian countries to coordinate their actions on the global hydrocarbons market.
30.09.2014 15:32 Politics
Heads of Caspian littoral states have gathered in Russia and reached a number of important agreements.
26.09.2014 14:04 Companies
Hungary's gas pipeline network operator FGSZ said it was indefinitely suspending gas supply to neighbouring Ukraine for technical reasons.
23.09.2014 20:35 Markets
Kazakhstan has only three oil refineries, which are not only few but also outdated.
18.09.2014 15:19 Emergencies
An explosion in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, has left 18 injured. Causes of the explosion are being investigated.
16.09.2014 20:39 Markets
Tengrinews correspondent finds orders on government procurement website to buy diesel at price 60% higher than the price cap set by the Kazakhstani government.
09.09.2014 19:56 Markets
One of the possible ways to address the recurring gasoline deficit in Kazakhstan is transitioning to gas from petrol and gasoline products. This is easier to say than to do, however.
01.09.2014 16:24 Markets
KazMunaiGaz will import addition AI-92 gas from Russia to Kazakhstan.
29.08.2014 19:57 Politics
A young man has blocked the entrance to the mayor's office with his car in the city of Uralsk in western Kazakhstan. His motifs?
29.08.2014 19:10 Markets
Uralsk is an administrative center of West Kazakhstan Oblast. The Oblast produces both oil and gas. However, since early morning yesterday people in the city have been forming kilometer-long queues to refuel.
28.08.2014 19:22 Politics
Oil-producing Kazakhstan experienced a significant fuel price hike last week. Vice-Minister of Energy Karabalin spoke to the journalists about the situation and the future of the fuel supplies in Kazakhstan.
27.08.2014 13:05 Markets
The Russian side has shown a certain interest, and we are launching a joint group to meticulously study the possibilities: First Vice Energy Minister Uzakbai Karabalin.
22.08.2014 23:39 Markets
Gasoline prices have grown 11-12% in Kazakhstan in one step.
24.07.2014 13:07 Companies
Since 2002 Gazprom of Russia and KazMunaiGas National Oil Company have been cooperating within a JV KazRosGas to sell gas from Karachaganak field, send it to Russia’s Orenburg-based gas treatment facility to be further sold to consumers both in Kazakhstan and Russia.
16.07.2014 14:45 Crime
Pirates have attacked a Malaysian tanker and stolen the gas oil cargo before releasing it in the latest attack in Southeast Asian waters, officials said.
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