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28.08.2014 14:04 Crime
Reports of funerals of Russian paratroopers need to be checked, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said.
26.08.2014 11:40 Unrest
The black teenager whose shooting by a white officer revived the race debate in the USA was eulogized Monday as a victim of abusive policing.
25.08.2014 14:17 Unrest
Thousands are expected on Monday to attend the funeral of the unarmed black teen shot dead by a white policeman in Missouri.
24.07.2014 10:12 Crime
Civil rights activist Al Sharpton led hundreds of mourners in demands for justice at the funeral for a black father of six who died after being choked by New York police.
19.06.2014 16:37 Strange News
An Australian funeral director had to store the body of a 200-kilogramme (441-pound) man in her car overnight after a morgue refused it for being too big, reports said.
14.03.2014 12:57 Strange News
A Mississippi farmer who made global headlines two weeks ago when he woke up in a body bag at a funeral home died on Thursday aged 78.
02.03.2014 14:02 Strange News
A 78-year-old American man who was declared dead and taken to a funeral home dramatically woke up as he was about to be embalmed, US media reported Friday.
11.12.2013 14:15 People
Nelson Mandela's funeral cortege has begun its solemn journey to the seat of South African government in Pretoria, where it will lie in state for three days.
11.12.2013 13:17 Politics
Kazakhstan's delegation is attending the farewell ceremony dedicated to Nelson Mandela.
09.12.2013 10:01 Politics
Presidents past and present, global figures and A-list celebrities made their way to South Africa on Monday to pay the world's respects at a memorial service and state funeral for freedom icon Nelson Mandela.
21.11.2013 15:02 Strange News
A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour, media reported Thursday.
27.10.2013 10:02 Politics
The widow of the former Yugoslav leader Tito will be buried in a Belgrade mausoleum on Saturday with full state honours as the last symbol of the communist federation that broke up in the 1990s.
06.09.2013 14:28 Sport
American boxer Curtis Stevens hold funeral for IBO/WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan.
17.04.2013 18:49 Politics
The funeral of Margaret Thatcher takes place on Wednesday, with Queen Elizabeth II leading mourners from around the world in bidding farewell to one of Britain's most influential and divisive prime ministers.
13.04.2013 14:41 People
Police were braced on Saturday for a mass 'party' staged by opponents of Margaret Thatcher in London's Trafalgar Square to celebrate the former British prime minister's death.
12.04.2013 17:53 Politics
Queen Elizabeth II's attendance at Margaret Thatcher's funeral on Wednesday, a rare honour, sheds light on the largely secret relationship between two of the world's most famous and powerful women.
16.03.2013 14:16 Politics
Late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was laid to rest at a military museum on Friday after an emotional final journey through the streets of Caracas watched by hundreds of thousands.
09.03.2013 10:26 People
Venezuela gave Hugo Chavez a lavish farewell at a state funeral Friday that brought some of the world's most notorious strongmen to tears, with music, prayers and a fiery speech by his successor.
07.03.2013 11:34 People
Venezuelans filed past the open casket of late President Hugo Chavez as he lay in state Wednesday after throngs of weeping loyalists gave the firebrand leftist a rousing farewell on the streets.
26.02.2013 12:34 Unrest
Israel has called on the Palestinian Authority to rein in unrest as militants vowed revenge over the death of a prisoner whom the Palestinians allege died under Israeli torture.
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