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28.05.2014 18:24 Laws, Initiatives
Foreign visitors arriving to Kazakhstan can now register with the Migration Police in their hotels.
20.05.2014 19:37 Markets
Kazakhstan's geological exploration will focus on precious metals, especially gold, rare earth metals and copper.
05.05.2014 16:27 Laws, Initiatives
The government of Kazakhstan has prepared a comprehensive package of incentives for foreign investors.
02.04.2014 18:04 Politics
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerlan Idrissov met with US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.
26.03.2014 22:16 Politics
Bakhyt Batyshev has been appointed new Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
15.03.2014 13:06 Education
The Bolashak education scholarship issued in Kazakhstan has raised its bar for foreign languages.
12.03.2014 12:26 Strange News
Senate deputy Mukhtar Altynbayev talked about 'the perks' of roadside rest on Kazakhstani highways and compared the outhouses with roadside stripping.
03.03.2014 11:59 Health
More cases of false diagnosing of orphans have been discovered in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
23.02.2014 18:55 People
The whereabouts of almost 700 Kazakhstanis adopted by foreign parents are unknown.
21.02.2014 20:08 Finance
Kazakhstan won $3 billion in international arbitrations in 2013.
04.02.2014 23:28 Politics
President Nazarbayev has appointed Kairat Sarybai the new Kazakhstan Ambassador to Austria.
15.01.2014 11:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign supermarket giants faced being shut out of the Indian capital after Delhi's new state government decided not grant them a licence to operate.
08.01.2014 10:57 Markets
China has formally authorised game consoles made in a new Shanghai free-trade zone to be sold in the country, potentially opening its lucrative market up to the likes of Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's XBox.
21.12.2013 16:55 Cinema, Music
Oscars organizers shortlisted nine movies including Palestinian, Danish and Hong Kong films Friday for best foreign language prize, offering surprises and some unexpected snubs.
12.11.2013 18:13 Education
Nur Otan, the ruling political party of Kazakhstan, has dispelled the rumors surrounding selection of Bolashak scholarship benes.
07.11.2013 16:38 Politics
Kazakhstan Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerlan Idrisov says that Kazakhstan makes up for being landlocked by diversifying its foreign relations.
13.09.2013 12:47 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan film director Akan Satayev is starting to shoot his first foreign project, a dramatic thriller called Hacker, this autumn.
21.05.2013 12:02 Markets
Foreign buyers are swooping on deserted villages in Sicily to snap up homes for as little as 10,000 euros ($13,000), propping up a property market in freefall as Italy suffers its longest-ever recession.
16.05.2013 15:00 Health
Kuwait is to bar foreigners from attending public hospitals in the mornings, local media reported on Thursday, in a decision activists labelled as "racist".
02.03.2013 14:59 People
Activists from pro-Kremlin children's advocacy groups were set to march through Moscow to call on authorities to ban all foreign adoptions and demand the return of an adopted boy whose brother died in Texas.
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