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04.09.2014 12:26 Finance
The Governor doesn’t rule out the USD exchange rate could further go down to 170 tenge per $1 as compared to the current 183 tenge per $1.
01.08.2014 15:48 Finance
Financial experts have shared their opinions about the possibility of devaluation of the Tenge, Kazakh national currency.
13.02.2014 16:24 Finance
The National Bank and Government of Kazakhstan are going to press on to dedollarize the economy and discourage Kazakhstanis from relying on the US dollar.
13.02.2014 16:02 Finance
Kazakhstan's central bank released the tenge into a 'managed free float ín February 2011 and this has brought Kazakhstani depositors to loosing 20% of their savings in dollar equivalent.
11.02.2014 20:46 Finance
The Akim (Mayor) of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov has instructed the city authorities to keep prices down amid the devaluation of tenge.
23.01.2014 17:24 Finance
Venezuela said Wednesday it would allow only importers of high priority goods like food to buy dollars at the official rate, forcing others to pay nearly twice that.
12.06.2012 16:42 Finance
According to him, “for the recent year the nation’s exports potential has grown 40%”.
18.06.2011 15:09 Finance
Experts of BTA Analitika are expecting tenge to keep strengthening in 2011.
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