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19.09.2015 15:16 Finance
Moody's cut France's sovereign debt rating one notch to Aa2, saying the country will struggle with slow growth and a high debt burden for the next five years.
17.09.2015 15:23 Politics
When Brazil's leftist President Dilma Rousseff loses the support of someone like longtime backer Edson Silva, perhaps she had better start worrying.
16.09.2015 12:42 Finance
The World Bank warned that monetary policy tightening by the Federal Reserve could spur a "perfect storm" of threats to growth and financial stability in developing economies.
12.09.2015 10:41 Finance
IMF chief Christine Lagarde urged African governments to spend responsibly as she visited Liberia, a week after it was declared free from an Ebola epidemic which has shattered its economy.
11.09.2015 12:32 Politics
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk criticised as "anti-Ukrainian and anti-European" a deal between Russia's energy giant Gazprom and several Western firms to build a second gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea.
07.09.2015 14:33 Companies
Troubled British retail giant Tesco agreed Monday to sell South Korean unit Homeplus to a consortium led by private equity firm MBK Partners for more than £4.0 billion.
07.09.2015 13:34 Finance
IMF chief Christine Lagarde heaped praise on Ukraine's reform efforts in a visit to Kiev following a deal to restructure the country's debt burden.
05.09.2015 12:34 Companies
Google is talking with Chinese authorities and smartphone makers about opening an online shop in China stocked with applications for Android-powered mobile devices.
04.09.2015 20:09 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has named China "the great nation" complementing Kazakhstan's work in the region.
03.09.2015 13:44 Finance
After presenting Brazil's first ever budget deficit, President Dilma Rousseff promised that her government will work hard to get back in the black.
02.09.2015 21:50 Politics
President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic visited Astana and met Kazakhstan president Nazarbayev.
02.09.2015 15:04 Companies
Russia's state-controlled flagship airline Aeroflot is set to buy its struggling competitor Transaero.
02.09.2015 13:02 Finance
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde declared Asian economies were doing "pretty well" despite the volatility caused by China's slowdown.
28.08.2015 17:52 Companies
A new Tesla electric car has earned the best-ever vehicle rating from Consumer Reports, sending shares of the automaker racing higher.
28.08.2015 17:48 Finance
France's divisive economy minister has once again made waves among Socialists by criticising the country's sacrosanct 35-hour week just as the ruling party gathers for its annual conference.
28.08.2015 10:51 Finance
EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that Europe had the "means to resist" the impact of China's slowing economy.
26.08.2015 21:06 Finance
Kazakhstani economist Vladimir Telnov predicts that global oil prices will continue falling in the next 5 to 15 years.
25.08.2015 21:58 Politics
President of Kazakhstan is going to meet PRC Chairman Xi Jinping in Beijing as part of his official state visit to the Asian country.
25.08.2015 17:02 Finance
China's faltering growth poses a threat to a recovery in the global economy, France's economy minister Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday.
25.08.2015 16:31 Finance
Russia's battered ruble sank to its lowest point this year as Asian and European stock markets nosedived on concerns over the Chinese economy.
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