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15.01.2013 13:43 Disasters
A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit 331km east of Almaty.
03.01.2013 13:55 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 10:00 a.m. (Astana time) on January 3 at the territory of Enbekshikazakh region.
24.12.2012 13:01 Disasters
While people around the world celebrate the arrival of Christmas, residents of a refugee camp in Haiti say hunger and want will mark the holiday, like every other day of the year.
17.12.2012 14:26 Emergencies
3.8-magnitude earthquake hit the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
30.11.2012 15:50 Disasters
A 4.4-magnitude earthquake hit south Kyrgyzstan on November 30.
28.11.2012 14:05 Disasters
A 5.0-magnitude earthquake in Kyrgyzstan was felt by Almaty residents.
22.11.2012 18:59 Disasters
The epicenter was registered 19km north of Taraz.
21.11.2012 13:21 Disasters
The epicenter was registered at the depth of 1km, 100km west of Almaty and 97km east of Bishkek.
20.11.2012 13:31 Disasters
4.4-magnitude earthquake hit Kyrgyzstan at 09:28 p.m. (Astana time) on November 19.
19.11.2012 21:21 Disasters
The epicenter of the quake was 15km from Taraz and 12km from Mikhailovka village.
12.11.2012 13:00 Disasters
A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala on Sunday, just days after a tremor in the same area left 42 people dead.
08.11.2012 12:00 Disasters
A 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern Guatemala on Wednesday, killing 48 people and injuring another 150 while more were missing as homes crumbled.
29.10.2012 19:12 Disasters
6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of western Canada, several hours after a powerful temblor nearby sparked a tsunami warning and sent Hawaiians scrambling.
23.10.2012 19:09 Disasters
US scientists on Tuesday joined global colleagues in expressing outrage at an Italian court's sentencing of six seismologists to jail for underestimating the risks of a 2009 earthquake.
26.09.2012 14:44 Disasters
A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico's Baja California peninsula Tuesday, forcing more than 1,000 tourists to flee their hotels and take refuge on beaches and in gardens.
30.08.2012 15:39 Politics
Speaking at the rally in Semei, deputy of Japanese parliament Hiroyuki Moriyama thanked Kazakhstan for its help after the earthquake.
17.08.2012 15:30 Disasters
The shocks were registered on August 17 at 06:14 a.m. Astana time.
16.08.2012 11:11 Finance
Asian countries dominate a league table of economies most at risk from earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural hazards, according to research published on Wednesday.
15.08.2012 13:55 Disasters
The epicenter of the quake was at the depth of 1km at the territory of Kyrgyzstan 98km from Bishkek.
14.08.2012 14:59 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed condolences to President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in relation to the earthquake that claimed 306 lives.
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