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26.02.2013 12:16 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 07:40 a.m. Astana time on February 26.
22.02.2013 16:06 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 11:12 a.m. Astana time.
19.02.2013 15:34 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 06:26 a.m. Astana time on February 19.
11.02.2013 18:39 Disasters
Relief supplies began trickling into tsunami-hit communities in the Solomons Islands Monday, as another powerful aftershock rattled the Pacific nation in the wake of last week's 8.0-magnitude earthquake.
09.02.2013 18:48 Disasters
Relief workers scrambled to reach quake-ravaged villages in the Solomon Islands Saturday, with "unusual seismic activity" sighted as strong aftershocks continued to jolt the remote Pacific region.
08.02.2013 18:10 Disasters
Kazakhstan Seismology Institute gave a medium-term forecast for earthquakes in Almaty oblast.
07.02.2013 16:47 Disasters
Disaster relief agencies were scrambling Thursday to reach tsunami-hit villages in the Solomon Islands, warning the death toll following a powerful 8.0-magnitude quake is likely to rise.
06.02.2013 13:50 Disasters
A 4.0-magnitude earthquake hit south Kazakhstan at 06:06 p.m. Astana time on February 5.
06.02.2013 10:31 Disasters
A major 8.0 magnitude earthquake was feared to have flattened villages in the Solomon Islands Wednesday, and triggered a tsunami with destructive potential for Pacific nations' coasts.
05.02.2013 20:07 Markets
The repeating shocks in Almaty have boosted demand for real estate in Kazakhstan's capital Astana: expert.
04.02.2013 12:29 Strange News
The system works in such a way that the information gets to the minister later than it gets on Twitter: Bakytzhan Sagintayev.
01.02.2013 18:41 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 12:36 p.m. Astana time on February 1.
01.02.2013 11:04 Disasters
The 6.6-magnitude earthquake that hit Kazakhstan on January 28 caused damage to over 200 buildings in the near-border region of China.
31.01.2013 18:57 Disasters
A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake jolted northern Chile on Wednesday, killing a woman, knocking out electricity and phone services, and sending panicked residents running into the streets.
31.01.2013 14:19 Laws, Initiatives
California has long been braced for the Big One, but now a proposed new early warning system seeks to give the US state's residents vital extra seconds before a major earthquake hits.
30.01.2013 18:36 Disasters
The shocks were 15km deep. They were registered at 12:23 p.m. Astana time.
29.01.2013 18:36 Disasters
The shocks were registered at 04:03 p.m. Astana time. The epicenter was at the depth of 2km.
29.01.2013 13:45 Disasters
No casualties or destruction have been reported in Almaty and Almaty oblast after the recent earthquake.
29.01.2013 01:38 Disasters
The earthquake was clearly felt in Almaty city as an unusually long series of very tangible horizontal swings that lasted for 3 or 4 minutes.
27.01.2013 15:15 Industry, Infrastructure
The largest nuclear power plant in the world may be forced to shut down under tightened rules proposed by Japan's new nuclear watchdog aimed at safeguarding against earthquakes.
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