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15.11.2014 14:32 Disasters
A powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the Maluku Islands in eastern Indonesia, sparking a tsunami warning for areas up to 300 kilometres (185 miles) away.
14.11.2014 17:39 Disasters
Almaty has experienced tremors of magnitude 3-4 from the moderate earthquake that happened in neighboring Kyrgyzstan this morning.
07.11.2014 13:53 Disasters
A 6.4-magnitude quake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the United States Geological Survey said.
25.10.2014 13:44 Disasters
A 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck northern Greece early, the country's earthquake observatory said, with no reports of victims or major damage.
14.10.2014 15:25 Disasters
A powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Central America, killing at least one person and prompting a brief tsunami warning.
08.10.2014 11:08 Disasters
A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit southwest China's mountainous Yunnan province, killing at least one person and injuring dozens of others.
26.09.2014 11:00 Disasters
A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska and was felt in the state capital Anchorage, the US Geological Survey and social media reported.
09.09.2014 14:22 Science, Technologies
Almaty city in southern Kazakhstan should study active seismic faults to be better prepared for a new devastating earthquake that is "more likely to happen than not".
25.08.2014 14:51 Disasters
A major 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Peru Sunday, US experts said.
25.08.2014 12:14 Disasters
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake rocked California's scenic Napa Valley wine country, the strongest to hit the region in a quarter of a century.
18.08.2014 11:05 Environment
A strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck western Iran on Monday, the US Geological survey which monitors quakes worldwide reported.
16.08.2014 13:26 Disasters
Almaty is located near relatively young mountains in a seismologically active zone, but earthquakes of such magnitude are extremally rare.
11.08.2014 11:42 Disasters
The 150-odd corpses left at the entrance to Longtoushan encapsulated the scale of the disaster it had wreaked on the community in Yunnan.
06.08.2014 18:24 Disasters
There are no Kazakhstan citizens among the victims of the devastating earthquake in China that claimed lives of nearly 600 people.
04.08.2014 10:31 Disasters
A total of 381 people had been killed by the tremor, with 1,801 injured. More than 12,000 houses collapsed and 30,000 were damaged in the quake zone in the southwestern province of Yunnan, China.
30.07.2014 14:34 Emergencies
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico, killing an elderly woman who fell as she fled her home and injuring another woman who evacuated from a hospital.
24.06.2014 11:14 Emergencies
Residents in a remote section of the US Aleutian islands rushed to higher ground after an 7.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Alaska triggered a local tsunami warning, an official said.
30.05.2014 13:35 Emergencies
A shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 hit southwest China on Friday morning, the US Geological Survey said, with Chinese reports saying 29 people had been injured, five of them seriously.
21.05.2014 11:41 Emergencies
A 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted Taiwan Wednesday and shook buildings in the capital, the Seismology Centre said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
12.05.2014 11:12 Laws, Initiatives
Six years after a huge earthquake killed tens of thousands of people in China, questions over poor building work and corruption were still being asked on Monday's anniversary, as online posters remembered the dead.
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