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15.11.2012 17:00 Politics
Japan said Thursday it wants to develop "mutually beneficial" relations with China's new leaders, as the two countries remain embroiled in a dispute over islands in the East China Sea.
01.10.2012 10:24 Politics
Japan's unpopular prime minister will use a cabinet reshuffle Monday to try to mend fences with China and to boost his flagging popularity ahead of an expected general election.
28.09.2012 16:35 Politics
China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi sparked angry exchanges with Japanese diplomats at the United Nations on Thursday by accusing Japan of stealing disputed islands.
26.09.2012 12:38 Companies
Japanese auto giants Toyota and Nissan are reducing production in China because demand for Japanese cars has been hit by a bitter row over disputed islands.
26.09.2012 12:14 Politics
US President Barack Obama said Monday that the attack on the US consulate in Libya's Benghazi was clearly more than a "mob action," amid lingering dispute about the nature of the assault.
24.09.2012 10:55 Military
Three Chinese government ships were in Japanese territorial waters off a disputed island chain Monday, the coastguard said, in the latest salvo of an increasingly heated international dispute.
11.09.2012 17:22 Unrest
Judge Mahmud Aqeed listens sympathetically to the woes of a tenant locked in a dispute with his landlord before turning to Islamic sharia law for a ruling in this liberated, rebel-held northern Syria town.
05.09.2012 18:41 Unrest
Asia-Pacific leaders gather in Russia's far east this weekend for talks aimed at promoting trade but territorial disputes and other regional tensions may cloud the event.
07.07.2012 17:23 Companies
Facebook and Yahoo! announced Friday a new advertising partnership as the two tech giants settled a court dispute over patents.
04.07.2012 15:11 Military
UN leader Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday it was a "disgrace" that there is no global arms trade regulation as he opened treaty talks held up by Palestinian demands for a place in the negotiations.
23.08.2011 23:57 Kazakhstan
The Service will facilitate a professional talk between a bank and its borrower towards settling disputes, lowering pressure on courts: Halyk Bank Chairperson of the Board Umyt Shayakhmetova.
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