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27.01.2014 17:34 Politics
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed Tunisia's adoption of a new constitution on Sunday, declaring it a "historic milestone" and a model for other countries seeking reform.
16.01.2014 13:10 Politics
Egyptian voters overwhelmingly backed a new constitution that paves the way for the army chief to run for president, early results showed Thursday, but turnout figures will provide a key measure of his popularity.
15.01.2014 17:54 Politics
Egyptians queued to vote amid tight security Tuesday in a referendum on a new constitution likely to launch a presidential bid by the army chief who overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.
14.01.2014 17:07 Politics
Egyptians vote for a new constitution Tuesday in a referendum seen as a test of support for a presidential bid by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, almost seven months after he toppled Mohamed Morsi.
20.09.2013 11:12 Internet
Hitting the "Like" button on Facebook is an element of free speech protected by the US constitution, a federal court ruled, in a case closely watched by employment lawyers.
02.09.2013 13:30 Cinema, Music
The festival of famous Beatles songs in Almaty was been postponed allegedly due to weather conditions.
30.08.2013 21:21 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev has addressed the participants of the international scientific-research conference timed to the Constitution Day.
29.08.2013 21:58 Cinema, Music
The festive program dedicated to the Constitution Day is prepared for Almaty residents and guests.
13.08.2013 17:54 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan celebrates the Constitution Day on August 30 and will enjoy two days off for the holiday this year.
14.03.2013 18:34 Laws, Initiatives
Beleaguered Zimbabweans will on Saturday vote on a new constitution that would, for the first time, put a definite end date on Robert Mugabe's controversial rule.
12.03.2013 17:34 Politics
Hungary's parliament on Monday stoked concerns about creeping authoritarianism in the EU member state by altering the constitution for the fourth time since Prime Minister Viktor Orban won power in 2010.
12.03.2013 16:49 Laws, Initiatives
Mexico's government introduced a draft constitutional reform Monday to end monopolies in telecoms industries that have built some of the country's biggest fortunes.
01.02.2013 12:31 Laws, Initiatives
Japan's hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told parliament Thursday that he intends to change the country's post-World War II constitution, lowering the bar for further amendments.
14.01.2013 12:26 Unrest
Tunisians marked the second anniversary on Monday of veteran dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's flight into exile in the first of the Arab Spring uprisings but insecurity and social tensions persist.
26.12.2012 18:35 Politics
Egypt's electoral commission confirmed on Tuesday that a controversial, Islamist-backed constitution was passed by 64 percent of voters, rejecting opposition allegations of polling fraud.
25.12.2012 10:03 Politics
Egypt on Monday was awaiting official results of a referendum on a new constitution reportedly backed by two-thirds of voters but which the opposition alleged was riddled with fraud.
24.12.2012 12:31 Laws, Initiatives
Egypt's opposition said on Sunday it will appeal a referendum seen as voting in a new constitution backed by ruling Islamists, and vowed to keep up a struggle that has spawned weeks of protests and instability.
23.12.2012 11:42 Politics
Egyptians voted on Saturday in the final round of a referendum on a new constitution championed by President Mohamed Morsi and his Islamist allies against fierce protests from the secular-leaning opposition.
20.12.2012 18:25 Markets
On the heels of the deadly shooting tragedy in Connecticut, parents' anxiety is driving a surge in sales of bullet-proof backpacks, in the hope the armored bags can give their kids a safety edge.
16.12.2012 19:16 Laws, Initiatives
Egyptians vote Saturday on a new constitution supported by the ruling Islamists but bitterly contested by a secular-leaning opposition that failed to scupper the referendum with mass protests.
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