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23.10.2011 12:45 People
The organization's mission is to feed those who suffer from hunger in the Washington, D.C. area. But unfortunately the level of donations dropped dramatically.
21.10.2011 15:42 Markets
Kazakhstan gained 12 lines in the rating of countries with the most favorable conditions for business.
27.07.2011 00:19 Kazakhstan
Their share makes up 3.5% of all Kazakhstan-based entrepreneurs.
22.07.2011 14:39 Strange News
Kazakhstan businessman intends to open an “intim-parking” for young couples, who have no place to seclude themselves.
21.07.2011 05:16 Kazakhstan
According to him, businesses are moving to where they can make a greater profit.
15.07.2011 17:47 Markets
Entering the Customs Union (CU) is a long-term longsighted political decision: Karim Massimov.
13.07.2011 13:32 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan businessmen are suggesting to create a state authority that would regulate activities of small and middle-sized businesses.
05.06.2011 16:46 Kazakhstan
Creation of a new company will only take one day and the risk of corruption will be minimized: official representative of Kazakhstan Ministry of Justice.
12.05.2011 13:38 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov has met Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Vice-President Xiaoyu Zhao today.
12.05.2011 13:24 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s Government, Damu Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund and Asian Development Bank have signed a framework agreement worth $500 million to support small and middle-sized business in Kazakhstan.
11.05.2011 18:03 People
Ritz-Carlton hotel close to the Red Square and the Kremlin was bought by Kazakhstan businessman Bulat Utemuratov.
29.04.2011 10:51 Kazakhstan
Almaty Entrepreneurs Association Viktor Yambayev calls the government to liberalize business environment, lower taxes, clarify legislations.
25.04.2011 18:19 Kazakhstan
For certain types of economic crimes, greater fines will be introduced as an alternative to deprivation of freedom.
24.04.2011 12:44 Finance
43 thousand of individual entrepreneurs of Almaty are awaiting simplification of tax reporting.
20.04.2011 15:53 Companies
Yandex.Fabrika started investing into commercial start-ups. The company is looking for partners and talents.
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