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30.07.2012 11:02 People
According to the poll by HeadHunter, 47% of еру polled Kazakhstan employees sees themselves as work addicts.
27.07.2012 13:43 Strange News
Wealthy Kazakhstan residents buy wolves to guard their houses.
25.07.2012 12:16 Markets
As a Philippine property boom gathers pace, even Paris Hilton, Donald Trump and high-fashion house Versace are getting a piece of the action.
17.07.2012 18:27 Science, Technologies
The main problem of Kazakhstan made computer games is their quality - from the quality of graphics to even the printed disc cover design.
02.07.2012 17:07 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan will adopt a law forbidding audits and inspections of small business by the end of 2012.
22.06.2012 18:10 Politics
There is not as much business activity going on as desired, although we are creating all possible conditions: Nazarbayev.
14.06.2012 18:25 Markets
Kazakhstan manufacturers have to improve quality of the products and change the business mentality to work in the WTO environment: expert.
04.06.2012 14:21 Finance
Over 30 percent of polled foreign investors consider Kazakhstan one of the most attractive markets in CIS.
22.05.2012 19:53 Finance
We could have significantly increased our investments to Kazakhstan: German Gref.
22.05.2012 16:31 Industry, Infrastructure
Nursultan Nazarbayev told about the future of Almaty.
22.05.2012 13:22 Politics
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is taking part in the opening of the 5th Astana Economic Forum.
24.04.2012 17:35 Companies
Polyus Gold International has put up Kazakhgold assets on sale.
26.03.2012 10:16 Industry, Infrastructure
New production facilities and new projects have to be launched in Zhanaozen: Vice-PM.
27.02.2012 14:16 Companies
Kazakhstan's Meridian Capital bought 50 percent of T.S.Trans Siberia that owns Russian airport holding Novaport.
22.02.2012 18:30 People
Almaty Akim Akhmetzhan Yessimov called business community to facilitate employment of students.
03.02.2012 18:22 Politics
Kazakhstan Foreign Minister is on his first official visit to the United States.
02.02.2012 16:32 Companies
Kazakhstan delegation met with representatives of the U.S. business community in Washington to discuss oil stakes, investments and relations with China and Russia.
13.01.2012 10:13 Markets
89% of Kazakhstan-based respondents are ready to set up their own business.
12.12.2011 17:09 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev called Kazakhstan residents to do business.
23.11.2011 15:25 Politics
Recent terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan will have absolutely no effect on the relations between Kazakhstan and OIC countries: Expert.
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