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05.07.2013 18:29 Environment
An obese orangutan has been put on a strict diet by Malaysian wildlife authorities after two decades of gorging on junk food handed out by tourists.
03.07.2013 19:07 Environment
Australia's noxious cane toad is wiping out populations of a unique miniature crocodile, researchers warned Wednesday, with fears the warty, toxic creature could extinguish the rare reptile.
02.07.2013 13:35 Environment
A freshwater shrimp, an island-dwelling lizard and a pupfish from Arizona have been declared extinct, while nearly 21,000 species are at risk of dying out.
24.06.2013 14:13 Environment
The population growth has not been affected even by poachers who hunt saiga for its horns used in Chinese medicine.
08.06.2013 13:43 People
For Kabul's wealthy elite some things are de rigueur: armed guards, a marble-clad mansion, a blacked-out SUV. But one man has taken the flamboyant lifestyle a step further and bought a lion.
13.05.2013 14:10 Environment
More than half of common species of plants and a third of animal species are likely to see their living space halved by 2080 on current trends of carbon emissions.
28.03.2013 18:54 Strange News
A sea lion pup startled guests after waddling from a California beach into a nearby luxury hotel, where it pitched up at the patio bar.
26.03.2013 16:49 Environment
Scientists Tuesday made a rare live addition to the order of primates, unveiling two new species of mouse lemur -- tiny, big-eyed animals that inhabit the forests of Madagascar.
14.03.2013 11:32 Environment
He is performing handstands and eating constantly, and she is spraying her home with alluring scents -- all the signs point to mating season for Britain's giant pandas.
09.03.2013 10:55 Environment
Ruthless and heavily armed "criminal syndicates" linked to drug smugglers and militias are running the global wildlife trade and turning their guns on the park rangers tasked with protecting endangered species.
07.03.2013 12:21 Environment
The future of Australia's desert-dwelling bilby is under threat after floods destroyed a predator fence which allowed feral cats to kill 150 of the newborn marsupials.
02.03.2013 15:35 Environment
Smuggling the world's largest land animal across an international border sounds like a mammoth undertaking, but activists say that does not stop traffickers supplying Asian elephants to Thai tourist attractions.
02.03.2013 12:23 Internet
Peter Gabriel joined big thinkers and one of the Internet's founding fathers Friday in launching an "Interspecies Internet" for animals to communicate with us and each other.
01.03.2013 19:00 Crime
Poachers in northeast India have slaughtered 13 endangered one-horned rhinos in the last two months, officials said Friday as another death added to worries about a recent surge in killings.
04.02.2013 13:35 Entertainment, Style
Hundreds of pets decked out with sequins, ruffles and hats paraded on Rio's famed Copacabana beach Sunday in an annual pre-Carnival extravaganza briefly interrupted by a spate of robberies.
01.02.2013 12:09 Environment
A fourteenth rare Borneo pygmy elephant has been found dead of suspected poisoning, Malaysian officials said Thursday, the latest in a series of fatalities that has shaken conservation efforts.
28.01.2013 15:55 Entertainment, Style
Russian agricultural authority states that the risk of Schmallenberg virus (SBV) spilling from EU to the Customs Union is increasing.
18.01.2013 14:30 Environment
The newborn calf was named Khan Tengri.
17.01.2013 12:03 Environment
A sanctuary for bears rescued from the Asian bile trade which has been at the centre of a high-profile land dispute has been spared eviction by Vietnam's government.
12.01.2013 12:23 Environment
- Hundreds of Mexico City residents brought poodles, labradors and chihuahuas to mobile sterilization units Thursday as the city stepped up a campaign to reduce the number of street dogs after a string of deadly attacks.
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