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03.04.2014 13:22 Emergencies
A woman was taken by a shark on Thursday while swimming with her husband in Australia, authorities said, in an attack which horrified fellow swimmers.
01.04.2014 11:15 Laws, Initiatives
Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday hailed a landmark court decision that Japan must halt an annual Antarctic whale hunt, despite fears it may try to sidestep the order.
22.03.2014 13:01 Environment
A horrendous incident occurred at the Karaganda Zoo: children witnessed a baby bear being eaten by jaguars.
19.03.2014 15:53 Strange News
A Tibetan mastiff puppy has been sold in China for almost $2 million, a report said Wednesday, in what could be the most expensive dog sale ever.
13.03.2014 16:46 Laws, Initiatives
Lawmakers in Rio de Janeiro, where plastic surgery is all the rage, have approved draft legislation banning cosmetic surgery for dogs and cats.
12.03.2014 16:50 Environment
Scientists have discovered a new species of lizard at a national park in Peru.
12.03.2014 13:24 Strange News
A 22-pound (10-kilo) Himalayan cat attacked a baby boy and then took a US family hostage in their apartment, forcing them to call 911 to get police help.
11.03.2014 17:16 Strange News
African elephants can differentiate between human languages and move away from those considered a threat, a skill they have honed to survive in the wild.
10.03.2014 11:18 Environment
A 10-metre (33-foot) whale died on Sunday after becoming tangled in a Tunisian fisherman's nets off the coast of Sidi Bou Said town north of the capital Tunis.
26.02.2014 13:05 Companies
Environmental group Greenpeace on Wednesday accused US consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble of responsibility for the destruction of Indonesian rainforests and the habitat of endangered orangutans and tigers.
24.02.2014 16:09 Environment
Seven Sumatran elephants have been found dead in western Indonesia and it is thought they were poisoned, a wildlife official said Monday, just the latest deaths of the critically-endangered animals.
21.02.2014 09:47 Environment
The world's only captive leopard seal, which washed up in Sydney with a shark bite to his abdomen seven years ago, has been put down at an Australian zoo.
18.02.2014 15:23 Strange News
A man in China survived an unsuccessful attempt to feed himself to a pair of Bengal tigers and is being treated for depression.
14.02.2014 11:36 Environment
A parasite that is found in cats and can cause brain disease, blindness and miscarriage in people has been found for the first time in Arctic beluga whales.
12.02.2014 13:40 Environment
A pod of nine killer whales died Wednesday in a rare mass stranding on the New Zealand coast, in a loss conservationists said was a major blow to the local orca population.
09.02.2014 19:08 Environment
A new lama was born in Almaty Zoo.
06.02.2014 15:08 Environment
Scientists were Thursday working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on an Australian beach, describing it as a "whopper" that took their breath away.
05.02.2014 16:34 Environment
The bodies of around 400 dolphins washed up on beaches in northern Peru last month, baffling authorities who are so far mystified as to the cause.
02.02.2014 11:21 Environment
A three-year-old komodo dragon has died at an Indonesian zoo infamous for scores of animal deaths.
01.02.2014 12:33 Environment
Thousands of people rallied across Australia Saturday against a controversial shark culling policy designed to prevent attacks, saying killing the marine animals was the not the answer.
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