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04.09.2014 13:05 Crime
PETA has increased its reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man filmed kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon.
28.08.2014 11:00 Science, Technologies
Contagious yawning is a behavior shared by chimpanzees, baboons, dogs and humans, and researchers said Wednesday that wolves can do it too.
19.08.2014 11:33 Environment
The scaly-skinned pangolin is under threat in Gabon as demand for the small mammal surges in Asia, where it is used in traditional medicine.
15.08.2014 21:59 Environment
A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo
14.08.2014 10:45 Environment
Dolphins often squeal when they get a fish treat, sounding much like happy children.
11.08.2014 01:42 Strange News
An tiny old Soviet car was spotted transporting a cow inside in Pavlodar. How the driver managed to fit the cow in remains a mystery.
10.08.2014 18:43 Environment
It is the first time the species is caught on a surveillance camera in Kazakhstan.
05.08.2014 19:47 Science, Technologies
Bones of ice age animals have been discovered in Pavlodar Oblast in northern Kazakhstan.
30.07.2014 10:03 Environment
Efforts to save the tiger are being undermined by a lack of information about how many of the endangered cats live in the wild, the conservation group WWF said.
26.07.2014 16:26 Environment
Giant anteaters in Brazil have killed two hunters in separate incidents, raising concerns about the animals' loss of habitat and the growing risk of dangerous encounters with people, researchers said.
24.07.2014 15:04 Environment
A food shortage likely caused by climate change is shrinking a South Antarctic fur seal colony and changing the profile of its surviving members, researchers said.
18.07.2014 10:57 Environment
A great white shark that washed up on an Australian beach this week had a sea lion stuck in its throat which likely caused its death, fisheries officials said.
11.07.2014 21:17 Environment
A Greek reptile expert began an operation to trap a two-metre long crocodile that mysteriously appeared in a man-made lake on the tourist island of Crete last weekend.
11.07.2014 16:38 Environment
A Caspian Tiger National Park may be opened in 2019.
21.06.2014 10:01 Environment
An extremely rare white humpback whale has been spotted off the coast of Sydney in an event onlookers called a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
20.06.2014 14:49 Environment
Pheasant breeding in the Astana Green Belt will help insect-pest control in the area.
18.06.2014 11:56 Strange News
US authorities have yet to determine what exactly caused the deaths of more than 1,000 dogs that consumed jerky pet treats made in China, a Congressional panel heard.
17.06.2014 11:41 Environment
Japan has slaughtered 30 minke whales off its northeast coast, in the first hunt since the UN's top court ordered Tokyo to stop killing the animals in the Antarctic, the government said.
15.06.2014 11:33 Environment
Kazakhstani natural parks Katon-Karagai and Akzhaik have been designated as Biosphere Reserves.
14.06.2014 16:37 Environment
One of Africa's largest elephants has died after being shot by poachers using poisoned arrows in Kenya, wildlife officials said as they mourned the loss of an "old friend."
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