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24.05.2013 13:19 Politics
We plan to bring ICAO auditors in the end of summer or beginning of autumn to remove Kazakhstan airlines from the blacklist: Vice-Minister.
10.05.2013 18:05 Companies
Turkish Airlines has reversed a ban on air hostesses wearing brightly-coloured lipstick following accusations it was trying to Islamise the company under government influence.
04.05.2013 16:51 Emergencies
There is no way Chinese rat meat could have gotten into flight meals of Kazakhstan airlines.
02.04.2013 15:44 Companies
The hearing on Kazakhstan will be held in November upon results of ICAO audit: expert.
01.04.2013 17:37 Markets
The approximate number of planes to be purchased by our local airlines by 2020 is 56: Kazakhstan Transport Minister.
28.03.2013 15:20 Companies
A US bankruptcy court judge approved Wednesday the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, which will create the country's largest airline.
09.03.2013 19:03 Industry, Infrastructure
The top executive of a major US airline has voiced opposition to a change in security regulations that will allow small pocket knives, baseball bats and other previously banned sporting equipment aboard airplanes.
04.03.2013 14:18 Emergencies
Soaring cabin temperatures meant 50 passengers and crew had to be treated for heat stress Monday on a Qantas domestic flight in Australia, after a problem with the air-conditioning.
02.03.2013 18:09 Companies
Air China signed an agreement Friday to buy 31 Boeing passenger and cargo planes from Boeing, subject to government approval.
23.02.2013 11:11 Emergencies
Japanese engineers probing problems with Boeing's Dreamliners have identified the cause of fuel leaks but are still investigating more serious issues with the aircraft's batteries.
22.02.2013 11:48 Companies
United Airlines said Thursday it expected to keep its six Boeing 787s out of service until May 12, as the cutting-edge airplane remained grounded worldwide due to battery problems.
15.02.2013 14:15 Markets
Thursday's merger between American Airlines and US Airways marks the latest in a series of recent deals that has consolidated the airline industry.
12.02.2013 15:08 Companies
American Airlines and US Airways are close to striking a merger deal that would create the largest airline in the United States in the latest bout of consolidation in the US aviation industry.
12.02.2013 13:21 Companies
The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday it is examining whether the Boeing 787's lithium-ion battery problems were due to formation of microscopic structures called dendrites.
10.02.2013 13:38 Disasters
All air travel in or out of New York was halted Friday as airlines grounded their planes in response to an intensifying blizzard across New England.
08.02.2013 14:52 Companies
The National Transportation Safety Board on Thursday criticized the government's certification process for the Boeing 787 and said it had pinpointed how a battery fire occurred on one of the planes.
07.02.2013 19:38 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government developed qualification requirements for airlines planning to perform regular passenger flights in the country.
07.02.2013 17:47 Finance
Scat airline has completed payments of compensations to the families of the victims of the CRJ-200 plane crash in Kyzyltu village of Almaty oblast.
22.01.2013 15:24 Companies
Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific on Tuesday asked its cabin crew to volunteer for early retirement as part of its cost-cutting measures to boost profitability amid a global slowdown.
17.01.2013 18:34 Companies
India's aviation regulator said Thursday it had instructed Air India to ground its fleet of Boeing Dreamliners following similar orders from authorities in the United States and Japan.
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