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16.07.2014 13:36 Entertainment, Style
All of them were unlucky to buy non-refundable air tickets for chartered flights to be performed by Turkey-based Atlas Jet that has halted its regular flights.
08.07.2014 15:56 Companies
Bombardier Aerospace has presented a Q400 NextGen airplane in Astana. Kazakhstan is planning to purchase several of those for its new airlines.
30.06.2014 12:01 Markets
Kazakhstan airlines are thinking of launching flights to Denpasar as early as this coming autumn.
24.06.2014 01:43 Strange News
France braced for travel chaos after the country's civil aviation body urged airlines on Monday to cut flights by up to 20 percent in Paris and some other cities due to an air controllers' strike.
18.06.2014 10:39 Companies
American Airlines, owed some $750 million by Venezuela, said Tuesday it was sharply reducing flights to the South American nation from July after the two sides failed to read a deal, a spokesman said.
14.06.2014 16:37 Companies
US aerospace giant Boeing said Friday that China Eastern Airlines has agreed to buy 80 737 aircraft, its biggest single-aisle purchase to date by a Chinese airline.
13.06.2014 12:41 Emergencies
Malaysia Airlines' insurer has begun paying the families of passengers onboard Flight MH370 $50,000 each in initial compensation three months after the jet disappeared, a government official said
11.06.2014 14:35 Companies
Emirates airline announced on Wednesday that it had cancelled an order for 70 long-haul A350 planes from European manufacturer Airbus.
07.06.2014 14:39 Markets
Low-cost airlines are not likely to emerge in Kazakhstan until there is intense competition between airports of nearby cities.
07.06.2014 14:03 Markets
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan has responded to complaints about costliness of domestic flights air tickets.
05.06.2014 12:36 Companies
Maintenance crews at LATAM Airlines, the region's biggest carrier, threatened Wednesday a 48-hour strike that could delay flights on the first days of the World Cup in Brazil.
22.05.2014 12:32 Emergencies
A Singapore Airlines plane skidded off the runway on touching down during heavy rain at Myanmar's Yangon International Airport, but no injuries were reported, the carrier said.
16.05.2014 15:42 Finance
Japanese low cost carrier Vanilla Air said Friday it will cancel scores of flights in June because it does not have enough pilots to fly them.
22.04.2014 14:21 Companies
Shandong Airlines, one of China's smaller carriers, said it has agreed to buy 50 passenger planes from US manufacturer Boeing for $4.6 billion, in another sign of the country's growing demand for air travel.
21.04.2014 22:03 Markets
The Kazakhstan Transport Ministry has arranged for 16 additional flights a week to Turkey for the summer season.
14.04.2014 14:26 Politics
More than half of Malaysians believe their government is hiding information about missing flight MH370, according to survey results released by a news portal.
08.04.2014 11:22 Companies
April 7, 2014 a Boeing 737 operated by SCAT made an emergency landing at the airport of Astana. January 29, 2013, a CRJ 200 operated by SCAT, crashed 5 kilometers away from Almaty.
03.04.2014 14:17 Companies
German airline Lufthansa, which is currently battling the biggest strike in its history, expects normal services to be up and running on Saturday, its chief executive said.
01.04.2014 16:18 Emergencies
Brake system has failed Scat's Boeing-757 during landing at Astana airport.
01.04.2014 14:28 Companies
Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, said Monday it will be forced to cancel most of its flights later this week, grounding as many as 425,000 passengers, due to a pilots' strike.
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