Zulfiya Chinshanlo

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12.11.2014 21:03 Sport
Kazakhstan's Olympic champion of 2012 London Games has hauled a gold medal at the World Weightlifting Championship that is taking place in Almaty.
08.11.2014 17:53 Sport
Eight reigning Olympic champions will take part in the World Weightlifting Championship that is taking place in Almaty on November 8-16, 2014.
04.09.2013 18:16 People
Kazakhstan's gold-winner of the 2012 London Olympics Zulfiya Chinshanlo has married a Chinese citizen.
16.04.2013 10:32 Sport
Jeno Boskovic Trophy is awarded to best weightlifters based on their performances during one year.
12.11.2012 13:34 Sport
Chinshanlo, Ilyin and Rypakova were awarded as the best athletes of Asia on November 8 in China.
31.10.2012 18:10 Sport
She had been living and training in Kazakhstan since she was 14. There has been no official claims submitted to the Agency or the Weightlifting Federation: head of Kazakhstan Sports Agency.
30.10.2012 18:03 Sport
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and Weightlifting Federation refuted information that Chinese weightlifting center sent official requests to return Chinshanlo.
30.10.2012 17:14 Sport
Kazakhstan Olympic weightlifting champion Zulfiya Chinshanlo officially refuted the rumors of her plans to leave for Chinese national team.
30.10.2012 17:05 Sport
Zulfiya Chinshanlo showed her Kazakhstan passport to refute rumors of her return to China and abandonment of Kazakhstan weightlifting team.
27.08.2012 15:59 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifting team’s coach Aleksey Ni has commented the statements of Chinese media that some one the Kazakhstan athletes were loaned to it by China.
02.08.2012 10:40 Sport
Kazakhstan weight-lifter Zulfiya Chinshanlo was going to eat up all the food at the Olympic village’s canteen after her victory.