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07.06.2016 16:52 Politics
Residents of a border district in China's mostly Muslim region of Xinjiang must now provide DNA samples when applying for passports.
30.08.2014 15:37 Science, Technologies
The expedition group from Kazakhstan has immersed itself into the spiritual life of the ancient and enigmatic city of Kashgar.
15.08.2014 22:45 Science, Technologies
Kazakh expedition group has reached Kashgar, making several pleasant discoveries along the way.
14.08.2014 22:45 Science, Technologies
The expedition Following Shoqan Walikhanov’s Caravan Route continued its journey to Kashgaria.
13.08.2014 13:59 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan’s expedition Following Shoqan Walikhanov’s Caravan Route has reached the “Asian Rome” in China.
30.07.2014 15:35 Industry, Infrastructure
Chinese officials in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region declared their willingness to help Kazakhstan with developing of a new tourism route along the Great Silk Road.
21.06.2014 10:51 Unrest
Chinese police shot dead 13 people in the restive Xinjiang region after they drove into a police building and set off an explosion on Saturday, regional authorities said.
13.07.2012 18:53 Politics
July 9-12 Kazakhstan Ambassador to China Nurlan Yermekbayev visited Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.