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16.08.2014 15:43 Religion
Pope Francis beatified 124 early Korean martyrs at a mass in Seoul and challenged the crowd to ask what values they might be willing to die for.
13.08.2014 14:50 Religion
Pope Francis will offer prayers for Korean reconciliation in Seoul next week
11.08.2014 14:32 Religion
The visit of the Pope Francis will recognise the vicious persecution of early Korean Catholics.
11.08.2014 10:54 Politics
Pope Francis expressed "dismay and disbelief" over the violence in Iraq, calling for an "effective political solution" to a crisis.
25.07.2014 11:14 Religion
A Sudanese Christian woman whose death sentence for renouncing Islam sparked a global outcry that eventually led to an acquittal, met Pope Francis after arriving in Italy en route to the United States.
24.05.2014 10:38 Religion
Pope Francis arrives in Jordan Saturday at the start of a Middle East tour aiming to boost ties with Muslims and Jews as well as easing an age-old rift within Christianity itself.
11.05.2014 12:18 Religion
Pope Francis on Saturday attended a giant rally for children and teachers from Italy's Catholic schools, with the Vatican saying that 300,000 people turned out for the event in and around St Peter's Square.
28.04.2014 10:43 Religion
Pope Francis on Sunday proclaimed John Paul II and John XXIII the Catholic Church's newest saints at a festive ceremony joined by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims for two pontiffs who helped shape 20th-century history.
26.04.2014 15:51 Religion
Many Mexicans have mixed emotions about seeing the late pope John Paul II become a saint: they loved the man but feel he covered up sexual abuses by priests.
12.04.2014 14:46 Religion
Pope Francis on Friday personally asked forgiveness for thousands of child sex abuses carried out by priests and promised more action following accusations of cover-ups and excessive leniency by the Vatican.
03.04.2014 11:30 Politics
Queen Elizabeth II meets Pope Francis for the first time on Thursday on a visit that coincides with the anniversary of the start of the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina.
29.03.2014 11:45 Crime
Italian prosecutors on Friday said two former top executives at the Vatican bank will go on trial for money laundering, while the bank's ex-chairman was declared innocent.
27.03.2014 11:44 Politics
Barack Obama will meet Pope Francis for the first time Thursday for talks on a shared agenda to fight inequality which the US President hopes will help boost support at home.
25.03.2014 01:01 Entertainment, Style
25 y.o. Sicilian nun made all four judges of The Voice of Italy turn their chairs to chose her.
13.03.2014 17:10 Religion
Pope Francis will spend the first anniversary of his election in a spiritual retreat, far from the adoring crowds in Rome and the tensions within the Church hierarchy that have defined the last year.
13.03.2014 10:25 Religion
Pope Francis celebrates one year in office on Thursday swaddled in a blanket of approval world leaders would die for and most of his predecessors could only dream of.
22.02.2014 12:54 Religion
Pope Francis will create his first batch of cardinals on Saturday, with nine of the 19 coming from South America, Africa and Asia.
31.01.2014 13:32 Religion
A trove of ancient documents unearthed at the Vatican could shed light on the brutal crackdown on Christianity in isolationist Japan under its samurai rulers.
24.01.2014 15:38 Emergencies
A small explosive device went off outside a French church in central Rome could be linked to President Francois Hollande's visit.
24.01.2014 14:29 Laws, Initiatives
Abortion and euthanasia will be among hot button issues on the table when Pope Francis meets embattled French President Francois Hollande.
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