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26.06.2014 10:30 Politics
Hillary Clinton sought to nuance her remark that she and ex-president husband Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House, insisting she was not out of touch.
26.06.2014 10:02 Cinema, Music
Jewish groups blasted British actor Gary Oldman on Tuesday for alleged anti-Semitic remarks defending Mel Gibson and suggesting that Hollywood is run by Jews.
25.06.2014 19:59 Unrest
More than 800 Taliban insurgents have launched a major offensive in southern Afghanistan to try to gain territory recently vacated by US troops, officials said Wednesday, with 40 civilians killed in five days of fighting.
25.06.2014 14:45 Cinema, Music
The prolific American actor Eli Wallach, known by many for his role in the western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" as part of a career spanning six decades, has died at the age of 98, US media reports said.
25.06.2014 13:30 Cinema, Music
North Korea denounced a new Hollywood comedy about an assassination bid on leader Kim Jong-Un as a "wanton act of terror" and warned of a "merciless response" unless the US authorities banned the film.
25.06.2014 12:31 Markets
The US will allow two companies to export unrefined oil for the first time in four decades, taking steps to break a ban on crude exports, The Wall Street Journal reported.
24.06.2014 13:30 Crime
Federal authorities conducted a sweep through more than 100 US cities and recovered 168 children from child sex trafficking, the FBI said.
24.06.2014 13:04 Internet
Malicious software is increasingly making its way into mobile phones through "cloned" versions of popular apps, and software weaknesses in legitimate ones, security researchers said.
24.06.2014 12:39 Books
It's not that Margaret Mitchell didn't give a damn whether Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler would ever get back together again in "Gone with the Wind."
24.06.2014 10:47 Crime
A 34-year-old homeless man was arrested after allegedly crashing a stolen 1930 Model "A" Ford car into a river in the US state of Oregon, police said.
24.06.2014 10:17 Politics
The last of Syria's declared chemical agents have been shipped from the war-torn country after months of delays and are en route for destruction at sea, the world's chemical watchdog said.
24.06.2014 04:15 Cinema, Music
Shanghai-based conglomerate Fosun International said it would take a stake in new US media company Studio 8, marking a rare investment by a Chinese firm in Hollywood.
23.06.2014 13:58 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Baghdad Monday on a surprise trip to push for Iraqi unity and stability, as Sunni militants advanced in west Iraq after security forces retreated.
21.06.2014 13:48 Military
The United States warned it would not accept any use of Russian troops in Ukraine as it confirmed that Moscow had redeployed "significant" military forces near the border.
21.06.2014 12:23 Music
Handwritten song lyrics from legendary singer Bob Dylan go under the hammer in New York, the most treasured possessions in a collection of rock memorabilia valued at $3-5 million.
21.06.2014 11:44 Internet
Google's Nest Labs said it was buying video monitoring startup Dropcam for a reported $555 million in cash.
21.06.2014 11:17 Politics
Lawyers for more than 1,500 victims of Haiti's deadly cholera epidemic said they had served UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with a personal summons to appear in US court.
20.06.2014 12:25 Politics
The United States Thursday slapped sanctions on Uganda -- cancelling a military air exercise, imposing visa bans and freezing some aid -- amid deep US anger at "vile" Ugandan anti-gay laws.
20.06.2014 11:09 Politics
US Vice President Joe Biden travels to Guatemala on Friday to discuss the growing numbers of unaccompanied minors from Central America and Mexico illegally trying to cross the US border.
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