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07.08.2012 15:40 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifter two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin shared his plans for the future upon arrival to Kazakhstan.
07.08.2012 15:29 Sport
Kazakhstan boxer Marina Volnova has reached the semifinal of the London Olympic boxing tournament by winning over Bratain's Savannah Marshall.
07.08.2012 12:46 Sport
Kazakhstan will award its Olympic champions with $250,000, silver prize-winners with $150,000 and bronze prize-winners with $75,000.
06.08.2012 15:55 Sport
23-y.o. Kazakhstan boxer Marina Volnova won over Kenyan Elizabeth Andiego in London Olympics.
02.08.2012 17:36 Sport
Anna Nurmukhambetova, 69kg category weight-lifter, lifted a combined total of 251 kilograms at London Olympics.
02.08.2012 16:08 Sport
Ivan Dychko, Kazakhstan +91-kilogram weight league boxer, has advanced to the Olympic quarterfinals in London.
02.08.2012 15:00 Sport
Alexandre Vinokourov, London Olympic champion of the men’s road race, came 23rd in the individual time trial on August 1.
02.08.2012 12:51 Sport
Kazakhstan sport authorities have promised to find a fiance for weight-lifter Maiya Maneza as a bonus for her London Olympic victory.
02.08.2012 10:40 Sport
Kazakhstan weight-lifter Zulfiya Chinshanlo was going to eat up all the food at the Olympic village’s canteen after her victory.
01.08.2012 19:26 Sport
Kazakhstan Daniyar Yeleussinov has reached the 1/8 finals of the London Olympics by winning over American Jamel Herring.
01.08.2012 19:01 Sport
Alexandre Vinokourov is going to bring the bicycle he rode at the Olympics back to Astana, Kazakhstan, and put it up for auction.
31.07.2012 15:50 Sport
Kazakhstan professional cyclist Aleksandr Vinokourov will race for one more Olympic gold medal in the individual time trial on August 1.
31.07.2012 13:35 Sport
Kazakhstan Olympic national team’s staff of coaches made changes to the team for the London Olympic Games.
30.07.2012 19:46 Sport
Kazakhstan and Malaysia promise the most generous money prizes to their Olympic winners.
30.07.2012 15:05 Sport
Kazakhstan boxer Gani Zhailauov has advanced to the next stage of the London Olympics tournament.
30.07.2012 13:38 Sport
Kazakhstan tennis professional Yaroslava Shvedova has won over Romanian Simona Halep in the first round of the Olympics tournament.
16.07.2012 11:34 Sport
Kazakhstan athletes will observe the sawm (keep a fast) straight after London Olympic Games.
09.07.2012 12:30 People
Kazakhstan national Olympic team will Kazakh food (horse meat) for wrestlers and weight-lifters to London.
04.07.2012 17:05 Sport
Kazakhstan national team is making all the necessary arrangements before the XXX Summer London Olympic and XIV Paralympics Games.
02.07.2012 17:02 Sport
Mikhail Kukushkin, Galina Voskobyeva and Yaroslava Shvedova have made it into the list of participants of the London Olympics.
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