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17.04.2013 20:17 Sport
Thank to this victory Kazakhstan national team was ranked first in the overall standing of the group.
23.03.2013 20:34 Entertainment, Style
Internationally acclaimed baritone singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky and British Touch and Go band will take part in the Almaty Charitable Ball.
20.02.2013 14:52 Entertainment, Style
By winning the Miss Kazakhstan UK titles, Kulzhagarova and Sagynbek kyzy gained a right to represent Kazakhstan in the Miss USSR UK final.
08.02.2013 17:39 Sport
British Lionhearts brought return match down on Astana Arlans 4-1 for their last years 5-0 defeat.
07.02.2013 17:36 Sport
The Kazakhstan and British boxers will take the medical tests that traditionally precede weighing-in on the match day instead.
18.01.2013 14:56 Entertainment, Style
Russian-speaking girls from the former Soviet Union will take part in the UK pageant.
10.12.2012 16:58 Sport
Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans have whitewashed UK's British Lionhearts in the WSB match in Almaty.
17.11.2012 14:41 Crime
British police charged a man with the kidnapping of two Western journalists by Islamic extremists in Syria.
06.11.2012 15:51 Cinema, Music
Famous blues singer and actress Dana Gillespie visted Kazakhstan for the third time.
09.10.2012 12:08 Cinema, Music
Jameson Empire Awards 2013 Done in 60 Seconds competition has opened for Kazakhstan-made remakes.
11.09.2012 18:48 Sport
Kazakhstan Olympic champions took part in the 2012 Health Festival held in Aktobe on September 8.
04.09.2012 16:11 Sport
Kazakhstan's boxer Daniyar Yeleussinov, who reached Olympics quarterfinals, is the most beautiful boxer of the London Olympics.
03.09.2012 20:03 Sport
Kazakhstan Paralympics athletes haven’t won any medals in the Games so far.
27.08.2012 14:40 Sport
If Kazakhstan Paralympics athletes are among the Top Ten in their sports, it would be a big luck for Kazakhstan, Yelsiyar Kanagatov said.
15.08.2012 13:42 Sport
Kazakhstan Judo Federation is eying two Kyrgyz judoka, but is too shocked with its own Olympic results to propose.
14.08.2012 13:24 Sport
Kazakhstan Paralympic winners will get money prizes of $50,000 for gold, $35,000 for silver and $25,000 for bronze medals.
13.08.2012 15:06 Sport
Kazakhstan gymnast Anna Alyabyeva is in the Top-5 list of the most beautiful female athletes from the CIS (post soviet space).
09.08.2012 15:57 Cinema, Music
British band Jamiroquai is expected to come to Almaty on September 15 to congratulate Almaty on its City Day.
09.08.2012 15:24 Sport
Kazakhstan's Adilbek Niyazymbetov has reached the semifinals of the London Olympics boxing tournament by winning over Iran's Ehsan Rouzbahani.
08.08.2012 14:41 Sport
Kazakhstan boxer Serik Sapiyev has advanced into the semifinals of the tournament and told about his match against Venezuela's Gabriel Perez.
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