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02.12.2011 10:46 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan residents won't change their preferences when choosing New Year tours this year.
05.10.2011 12:12 Environment
An extinct steppe cheetah has been seen in a desert near the Aral Sea.
07.07.2011 18:54 Sport
Chokan Valikhanov yacht took off from Antigua island in the Mexican Gulf to the Caribbean Sea.
18.06.2011 16:17 Internet
Yandex search engine defined the most popular travel destinations of its Kazakhstan users. The UAE and China are the most popular destinations.
16.06.2011 17:40 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan citizens will be able to enter Albania without visas and stay in the country for 90 days out of 6 months after the first entry.
23.05.2011 18:44 People
Number of students traveling to the United States for work has increased by 20 percent.
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