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09.08.2013 16:50 Politics
Kazakhstan mulls signing an agreement on visa-free group travel with China.
04.07.2013 10:24 Politics
Bolivia's foreign minister on Tuesday denied that fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden was traveling with President Evo Morales in his plan.
21.06.2013 13:35 People
Two travelers from the Czech Republic are going to cross the Pamir Mountains driving through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
28.05.2013 21:02 People
English friends, a writer Jamie Maddison and an entrepreneur Matthew Traver, have decided to ride horses from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Tashkent.
15.05.2013 16:29 People
Thai billionaire Vikrom Kromadit has started his third trip called Caravan Asia-2013. This year it will cover Asian countries, including Kazakhstan.
09.04.2013 10:06 People
An American traveller has reached Aktau in western Kazakhstan as part of his round the world journey on foot.
09.03.2013 15:40 People
The Kazakhstan climber has already conquered four volcanoes out of seven as part of his Seven Volcanoes of Seven Continents project.
18.02.2013 14:44 People
A British couple who were 18 months into a trip around the world by bicycle have been killed in a road accident in Thailand.
30.01.2013 12:32 Politics
Despite being grounded on doctor's orders after a bout of ill health, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday took a virtual round-the-world trip to say a final farewell.
15.01.2013 10:53 Laws, Initiatives
A law allowing Cubans to travel abroad without special permits took effect on the communist-ruled island Monday for the first time in half a century.
07.12.2012 10:04 Laws, Initiatives
China will allow transit passengers from 45 countries including the US, Canada and all members of the EU to spend up to 72 hours in Beijing without a visa from next month.
24.10.2012 10:21 Companies
Singapore has opened a new cruise terminal capable of berthing the world's biggest luxury liners, in a bid to boost the city-state's position as a regional travel hub.
17.10.2012 19:12 Politics
Cubans will no longer need an exit permit to travel abroad from January, the communist regime said on Tuesday, in a major overhaul of a half-century-old policy despised by the island's citizens.
01.10.2012 10:52 People
Petrukhin will start from Cuba, travel through the Caribbean and then will ride to the northern part of Latin America.
06.08.2012 13:24 Strange News
Rafael de Mestre, Spanish freelancer, arrived in Karaganda as part of his round-the-world trip on a serial electric car.
01.08.2012 10:04 Industry, Infrastructure
An expected worldwide boom in Muslim tourism is reflected in the growing availability of amenities such as halal spas and airport prayer rooms.
26.07.2012 13:50 People
The first round-the-world sea voyage in the history of Kazakhstan has been completed these days.
17.06.2012 16:13 Politics
It is necessary to carefully check the rating of the future employer, as the successful work of our citizens in the U.S. depends on the inviting party: Ministry's representative.
10.05.2012 17:06 People
Three Hungarian horsemen travelling from Hungary to Kazakhstan have reached Aktobe city.
20.03.2012 17:10 People
Denial Silekens, a biker from Germany, who has been traveling alone around the world for almost two years, has visited Shymkent.
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