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05.10.2015 14:05 Politics
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that Baghdad's "Green Zone" was open to the public for the first time in 12 years, albeit with many remaining restrictions.
11.06.2014 12:39 Strange News
French commuters faced traffic chaos Wednesday amid a national train strike called by trade unions in protest against a proposed railway reform aimed at containing the sector's soaring debt.
14.05.2014 12:34 Cinema, Music
Actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to vent his anger on Tuesday after being detained by police in New York for riding his bicycle the wrong way down a street.
22.02.2014 11:31 Politics
New York mayor Bill de Blasio has driven head into accusations of hypocrisy after his SUV repeatedly violated traffic rules two days after he ordered a crackdown on dangerous driving.
11.04.2013 12:14 Environment
Activists warned Thursday that wild populations of Southeast Asia's striking Tokay Gecko were in danger of being over-hunted for use in traditional medicine in China and other countries.
18.02.2013 10:03 Finance
Over 98 thousand violations of traffic rules were registered and 95 thousand tickets worth over 1 billion tenge were issued in Almaty since December 2012.
18.01.2013 17:42 Strange News
An Almaty citizen received a notification of violation of traffic rules in Germany where he has never been to.
03.02.2012 11:55 Industry, Infrastructure
48 underground and overground pedestrian crossings will be constructed in Almaty in three years period.
01.11.2011 13:17 Emergencies
In Astana every third road traffic accident happens because of icy roads during winter.
21.10.2011 19:06 Industry, Infrastructure
Big Almaty Ring Road will be completed by 2015: Almaty Road Authorities.
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