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20.07.2012 12:29 People
An American fugitive who has been missing and "wanted" since he deserted the US Air Force in 1984 has turned up in Sweden where he has been living under a under a new identity for nearly three decades.
17.06.2012 18:13 Entertainment, Style
“ArtbatFest-2012: Beginning of the World” confronted rumors of the end of the world in December 2012.
14.05.2012 12:18 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's Daria Gabdull, who filed an application to participate in Eurovision-2012, won’t take part in the contest.
12.04.2012 10:53 Sport
Nikolay Antropov from Winnipeg National Hockey League has agreed to be caped for Kazakhstan in the World Championship in Finland and Sweden.
22.12.2011 17:55 Companies
TeliaSonera bought 49% of GSM Kazakhstan Ltd from Kazakhtelecom national communication company.
16.12.2011 19:31 Cinema, Music
Daria Gabdull, winner of X-Factor show in Kazakhstan, has filed an application to participate in Eurovision-2012 from Sweden.
09.08.2011 15:05 Sport
Miroslav Beranek, the head coach of Kazakhstan football team said that his team was lucky with the results of 2014 World championship drawing procedure.
06.08.2011 11:06 Sport
Football federations of Kazakhstan, Germany, Swiss, Ireland, Austria and Faeroes will gather to discuss the qualification round.
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