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14.07.2016 15:21 Education
Chinese university tutor Xie Shu's core subject is Communist ideology, but he has diversified from the dry annals of political doctrine for a more hands-on subject: seduction.
07.06.2015 10:09 Politics
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls promised there would be "no let-up" in the government's reform agenda and reiterated a pledge to bring down stubbornly high unemployment.
02.05.2015 13:48 Politics
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff took to social media rather than make a formal May Day address to underscore her government's commitment to workers' rights.
13.12.2013 17:00 Politics
Former Chilean president and socialist champion Michelle Bachelet, who has proposed tax reforms and a new constitution for her country, is expected to unseat conservatives Sunday in a runoff election.
02.09.2013 18:19 Laws, Initiatives
The Socialist government's plans to reform France's debt-ridden pension system , to be presented to ministers this month, fail to address the core problems and could spark fresh tensions with Brussels.
23.05.2013 14:46 Politics
Germany's opposition Social Democrats mark their 150th birthday Thursday, with French President Francois Hollande as the only foreign speaker and conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel in the audience.
07.11.2012 16:39 Crime
Former French socialist party leader Martine Aubry said Tuesday she had come under investigation for "involuntary manslaughter and causing bodily harm by negligence" in an asbestos scandal.
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