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Security Council

Новости по теме: Security-Council По вашему запросу найдено: 27 материалов
01.07.2016 17:01 Politics
Kazakh Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov said 'we are very proud to be the first Central Asian country to serve on the council'.
31.03.2016 16:53 Politics
Iran's defence minister is certain the UN Security Council will not take any action over its missile tests despite calls from the Western.
07.04.2015 11:35 Politics
The UN Security Council demanded access for life-saving humanitarian aid to reach refugees trapped in Syria's Yarmuk camp.
26.02.2015 13:18 Politics
The UN Security Council called for the stepping up of UN-brokered talks on ending a growing crisis in Yemen.
25.02.2015 14:59 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has summoned a meeting of Kazakhstan’s Security Council in Akorda, the presidential residence in Astana.
19.02.2015 01:00 Politics
President of Kazakhstan has met with the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev.
02.02.2015 14:19 Crime
The UN Security Council demanded the immediate release of all hostages held by the Islamic State group.
26.01.2015 15:29 Politics
The UN Security Council will hold a special meeting on the violence in eastern Ukraine.
24.01.2015 15:57 Politics
United Nations Security Council members arrived in Haiti for a three-day visit to urge the government to hold long-delayed elections.
17.01.2015 13:58 Politics
The UN Security Council will meet next week to discuss the flareup of violence in Ukraine.
07.11.2014 16:54 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with the participants of the 37th meeting of the Council of Leaders of CIS Security and Special Services.
17.10.2014 10:35 Politics
New Zealand's election to the UN Security Council is a victory for small states that shows chequebook diplomacy is not needed to win a spot at the top table.
18.12.2013 11:41 Unrest
Clashes between rival army factions in South Sudan have left up to 500 dead and 800 wounded, a top UN official told the UN Security Council on Tuesday.
27.11.2013 10:01 Unrest
The United Nations on Monday called for fast action to halt strife in Central African Republic, which a top official warned is falling into "complete chaos".
11.10.2013 18:16 Politics
The UN Security Council on Thursday backed a plan by UN leader Ban Ki-moon for a joint mission with the global chemical arms watchdog to destroy Syria's weapons.
28.09.2013 11:00 Politics
The UN Security Council unanimously passed a landmark resolution Friday ordering the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons and condemning a murderous poison gas attack in Damascus.
27.09.2013 13:22 Laws, Initiatives
The UN Security Council passed its first resolution Thursday on restricting the trade in illicit small arms, but Russia refused to back the measure.
27.09.2013 12:32 Politics
The United States and Russia agreed a draft UN Security Council resolution Thursday on destroying Syria's chemical weapons, breaking a prolonged deadlock over the country's bitter conflict.
27.09.2013 10:43 Politics
The world's major powers made important progress Wednesday on key points of a UN Security Council resolution on destroying Syria's chemical weapons.
26.09.2013 16:57 Politics
Britain on Wednesday gave an extra $160 million to help Syrian refugees as the European Union urged the UN Security Council to do more to ensure humanitarian access.
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