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19.09.2013 17:03 Politics
Voting for Scottish independence is "common sense", the leader of the movement to break away from the United Kingdom insisted a year to the day before Scotland votes in a referendum.
30.08.2013 13:34 Sport
Kazakhstan football club Shakhter of Karaganda has failed to prevail over Scottish Celtic in the second leg match of the final qualification round of the Champion League.
28.08.2013 16:58 Sport
Kazakhstan's FC Shakhter held its first training for the second leg match against Scottish Celtic.
16.08.2013 20:24 Sport
Use of pyrotechnics during the play-off match between Kazakhstan’s Shakhter and Scottish Celtic in Astana will be qualified as petty crime.
14.08.2013 18:04 Health
Children born from obese women were 35 percent more likely to die prematurely in adulthood, according to a study Wednesday that warned of a growing epidemic.
30.07.2013 18:36 Crime
Scottish police on Monday confirmed they were investigating claims of physical and sexual abuse at one of Scotland's best known Catholic boarding schools.
13.06.2013 16:10 Science, Technologies
Unmanned drones, instead of being harbingers of death, should become a vital technological tool in the conservation fight and in delivering vital goods to remote areas.
11.02.2013 16:08 Politics
Scotland may have to reapply for membership of international organisations such as the UN and EU if it votes for independence.
23.01.2013 14:23 Sport
Kazakhstan’s football club has convincingly won over Scottish team with the score of 2:0.
17.10.2012 12:19 Politics
Britain's prime minister and Scotland's first minister have fired the starting gun on a two-year campaign for the hearts and minds of Scottish voters ahead of an independence referendum to be held in 2014.
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