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16.03.2015 15:39 Unrest
About 1.5 million protesters hit the streets across Brazil in a major show of anger against leftist President Dilma Rousseff.
16.03.2015 13:17 Unrest
Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets in separate national day demonstrations to both protest against, and voice support for, Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
14.03.2015 13:30 Unrest
Seven months under the wrong kind of spotlight is taking its toll on Ferguson as it tries to move past the dark shadow cast by the police killing of unarmed black teenager.
02.03.2015 14:08 Unrest
Tens of thousands of people marched in central Moscow to honour the memory of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down near the Kremlin in the highest-profile assassination of Vladimir Putin's rule.
02.03.2015 11:46 Unrest
Hong Kong police arrested 33 people and fired pepper spray during clashes with demonstrators that disrupted traffic.
27.02.2015 14:58 Unrest
Some 2,500 people marched in Mexico City marking the fifth month since the disappearance of 43 students .
21.02.2015 15:44 Unrest
The United States and Latin American nations voiced concerns Friday over political tensions in Venezuela after the socialist government arrested the opposition mayor of Caracas in an alleged coup plot.
21.02.2015 10:52 Unrest
Thousands of Ukrainians gathered for an emotional ceremony on Kiev's Independence Square to mark one year since scores of demonstrators were gunned down.
18.02.2015 16:21 Unrest
Chinese relatives of MH370 passengers gathered outside the Malaysian prime minister's office to demand his government rescind its declaration.
17.02.2015 13:39 Unrest
Hundreds of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest to protest against Vladimir Putin, a day ahead of the Russian leader's visit to Budapest.
14.02.2015 17:15 Religion
A town in the Canadian province of Quebec rejected plans for a mosque after numerous residents expressed "fear" about Islam.
14.02.2015 15:12 Unrest
As Japan celebrated Valentine's Day a group of killjoys marched through Tokyo protesting what it called the "passion-based capitalism" of the annual celebration of romance.
12.02.2015 23:15 Unrest
Chinese relatives of those on board missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 protested outside the carrier's office.
09.02.2015 13:23 Unrest
The first protest in the Austrian city of Linz by Germany's "anti-Islamisation" movement PEGIDA drew just 150 supporters.
06.02.2015 18:17 Unrest
Hundreds of demonstrators picketed an appearance by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen at Britain's prestigious Oxford Union debating societty.
02.02.2015 15:04 Unrest
A disappointing turnout at Hong Kong's first democracy rally since the end of mass street demonstrations shows the city is suffering from "protest fatigue".
02.02.2015 13:07 Unrest
Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest seeking support from Chancellor Angela Merkel against their Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
31.01.2015 13:03 Unrest
A march by an emergent anti-Islamisation group in the German city of Leipzig failed to drum up much support, with first estimates showing turnout at below 1,000.
20.01.2015 14:00 Unrest
The Danish wing of Germany's anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement staged its first rallies.
17.01.2015 13:37 Unrest
Sao Paulo protesters clashed with police who used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse crowds.
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