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10.10.2012 11:15 People
Imran Khan, Pakistan's cricket hero turned politician, failed to reach the tribal badlands on a much-hyped march but did succeed in lighting up the political stage once more.
06.10.2012 13:16 Laws, Initiatives
Philippine President Benigno Aquino defended a new cybercrime law Friday amid a storm of protests from critics who say it will severely curb Internet freedoms and intimidate netizens into self-censorship.
05.10.2012 14:53 Unrest
Thousands of police took to the streets across Argentina on Wednesday after their pay was slashed by 30 to 60 percent in what the government said was an administrative error.
04.10.2012 13:12 Politics
Jihadists pose a "great danger" to the Maghreb region, which is turning into a "terrorist" hub, Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki warned in an interview with Arabic daily Al-Hayat published Tuesday.
28.09.2012 16:59 Finance
Spain's government unveiled Thursday a 2013 budget that tightens austerity even in the teeth of growing protests, easing the path to a widely expected sovereign bailout.
28.09.2012 11:04 Unrest
Thousands of protestors rallied near the Spanish parliament for a second straight night Wednesday after a rough day on the markets again raised the spectre of a full bailout and deeper economic pain.
26.09.2012 17:34 Unrest
Spanish riot police fired rubber bullets and baton-charged protesters Tuesday as thousands rallied near parliament in Madrid in anger at the economic crisis, in clashes that left more than 60 people injured.
26.09.2012 10:45 Politics
In a round of intense diplomacy in the wake of violent anti-US protests, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met a series of Muslim leaders Monday and urged people to work together against extremists.
25.09.2012 09:59 Politics
The leader of a stick-wielding mob, a small axe dangling from a rope around his neck, made no secret of why they had come: to stop a protest organised by opposition and civil society groups.
23.09.2012 14:29 Unrest
Paris police have banned two demonstrations planned for Saturday, including one in front of the city's Grand Mosque, to protest against a US-made anti-Islam film.
23.09.2012 12:51 Crime
Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office has asked the court to declare Innocence of Muslims movie an extremist film inspiring religious hatred.
22.09.2012 10:01 Unrest
Tens of thousands of Pakistanis are expected to protest Friday as global Muslim anger mounts over a US-made anti-Islam film and cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a French magazine.
21.09.2012 11:15 Unrest
Google on Thursday blocked YouTube users in Singapore from viewing clips of an anti-Islamic film that has incited violent protests across the Muslim world, acting on a request by city authorities.
20.09.2012 15:00 Unrest
Hundreds of Afghans on Thursday protested for the first time against cartoons of the prophet Mohammed published in France and staged fresh rallies against a US-made anti-Islam film.
20.09.2012 14:31 Unrest
Last week's deadly assault on a US diplomatic mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi was a "terrorist attack" but probably not a pre-planned operation.
20.09.2012 13:35 Religion
Tens of thousands of French expatriates in Muslim countries face a nervous weekend amid fears they could be swept up in a rising tide of anger over controversial depictions of Mohammed.
20.09.2012 11:15 Unrest
A sudden decline in anti-Japan protests in China reflects the government's need to tread carefully between harnessing nationalist zeal and letting popular fury spiral out of control.
20.09.2012 10:02 Laws, Initiatives
German politicians and Muslim groups are agonising over whether to ban a small far-right group from screening in public an anti-Islam film that has sparked violent protests from Pakistan to Sudan.
19.09.2012 18:48 Politics
Belarus will on Sunday elect a new parliament in polls largely boycotted by the opposition, almost two years after protests against President Alexander Lukashenko's re-election sparked a mass crackdown.
19.09.2012 11:21 Finance
The protests that erupted in Cairo over an anti-Islam Internet video have stalled talks on relieving $1 billion worth of Egyptian debt to the United States.