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17.11.2012 10:44 Unrest
The United Nations has protested to the Syrian government for claiming it had UN permission to attack rebel opponents in the Golan Heights demilitarized zone.
16.11.2012 10:45 Laws, Initiatives
Ireland's tough abortion laws came under fire on Wednesday following the death of an Indian woman after doctors allegedly refused her a termination because it was against the laws of the Catholic country.
15.11.2012 13:29 Unrest
Spanish police fired rubber bullets at die-hard protesters hurling bottles, rocks and firecrackers late Wednesday, capping anti-austerity strikes across southern Europe that boiled over into sporadic clashes.
12.11.2012 17:06 Religion
The wife jailed US contractor Alan Gross took part in a Florida protest Sunday seeking her husband's release from a Cuba prison, as some 500 rabbis from around the world appealed to Havana on his behalf.
09.11.2012 15:27 Unrest
Banging on pots, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Argentina late Thursday to protest a possible third term for President Cristina Kirchner.
09.11.2012 14:32 Religion
China is ramping up security in Tibetan areas after a spate of self-immolation protests just as Beijing holds a key political gathering.
09.11.2012 11:01 Crime
The man behind the anti-Islam video blamed for sparking deadly protests in the Muslim world was jailed in the US for a year Wednesday for breaching the terms of his probation for a previous offense.
07.11.2012 10:25 Politics
Election officials in Ukraine on Monday called a re-vote in five districts as thousands of people protested in central Kiev against alleged fraud in parliamentary elections won by the ruling party.
03.11.2012 10:48 Laws, Initiatives
UN leader Ban Ki-moon said Thursday that Bahrain's move to ban protests could "aggravate" tensions in the Gulf state.
30.10.2012 10:26 Companies
Protesters who forced a Chinese city to halt a new chemical plant massed outside government offices Monday in a wary response to their victory, which highlighted the country's growing environmental activism.
27.10.2012 10:22 Unrest
Thousands of Spaniards massed near parliament in Madrid Tuesday yelling in anger at government austerity cuts that they say are punishing the poor.
23.10.2012 10:44 Unrest
Around 100 protesters and 11 policemen were hurt on Sunday as Kuwaiti riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with tens of thousands of demonstrators.
22.10.2012 11:28 Unrest
Lebanese police clashed with protesters trying to storm the prime minister's office in Beirut, amid calls for him to quit after a top security official was killed by a car bomb blamed on Syria.
20.10.2012 14:14 Politics
Russia placed a leader of mass protest rallies against President Vladimir Putin under house arrest on Wednesday after questioning him in a criminal probe into allegations he was plotting a violent uprising.
16.10.2012 15:57 Unrest
Mexican students protesting a new curriculum threw homemade explosives, fired rockets and hurled stones at police in a melee Monday that left 176 arrested and 10 police officers injured.
16.10.2012 13:03 Unrest
Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri urged Muslims to keep up their protests against an anti-Islam film produced in the United States.
16.10.2012 11:16 Unrest
Several hundred protesters angry over rising costs of living called Sunday for Haitian President Martin Martelly to resign at a march in the country's capital.
15.10.2012 17:52 Unrest
Besides adopting a resolution - Say no to raising retirement age! Fire Marchenko! - the protestors also target private pension funds in Kazakhstan.
11.10.2012 18:16 People
A member of the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot freed unexpectedly from prison on Wednesday vowed defiantly hours later that the group's protest actions would continue.
11.10.2012 16:45 Crime
The alleged filmmaker behind the video that sparked violent protests across the Muslim world is due to appear in court again on Wednesday in a separate case, officials said.