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14.02.2013 17:56 Religion
Islamic conservatives in Indonesia, the world's biggest Muslim-populated nation, voiced opposition to Thursday's Valentine's Day celebrations, saying they promote teen "sex parties" and premarital sex.
07.02.2013 13:06 Cinema, Music
"Xena: Warrior Princess" actress Lucy Lawless was fined in a New Zealand court Thursday for boarding a ship with environmentalists last year in protest at plans to search for oil off Alaska.
05.02.2013 10:47 Politics
Tokyo summoned China's envoy Tuesday in protest at what it says was another incursion into its territorial waters, after Beijing's ships sailed near islands at the centre of a bitter dispute.
27.01.2013 20:08 People
Thousands of people marched in Washington on Saturday to demand stronger gun control legislation, in a solemn rally six weeks after the shock massacre of young children at a Connecticut school.
15.01.2013 18:11 Politics
Sri Lanka's president on Tuesday appointed the government's senior legal adviser as a replacement for the impeached chief justice, despite protests by lawyers and a chorus of international criticism.
15.01.2013 15:22 Unrest
Pakistani police fired tear gas and gunshots could be heard as a growing crowd of protesters converged on parliament Tuesday, throwing stones at security forces.
13.01.2013 17:48 Politics
Indigenous Canadians marched on the capital and other major cities Friday threatening to bring the economy "to its knees" as their leaders met with officials to try to resolve a row over extreme poverty on reserves.
13.01.2013 15:03 Finance
Thousands of Gambians Friday marched in the capital, Banjul to show solidarity with President Yahya Jammeh in his row with the European Union.
12.01.2013 13:07 Laws, Initiatives
Action by China's leaders to contain a row that saw rare protests against censorship shows there is no consensus for immediate change, analysts say, despite rising calls for press freedom and other reforms.
11.01.2013 14:23 Unrest
The British flag was hoisted over Belfast's City Hall on Wednesday for the first time since the decision not to fly it permanently sparked riots in Northern Ireland.
08.01.2013 13:22 Politics
China's blogosphere and celebrities -- many with millions of followers -- Tuesday backed journalists at a newspaper embroiled in a censorship row after hundreds of people held a rare protest demanding greater press freedom.
05.01.2013 13:33 Unrest
Protesters have rallied in two of Canada's main cities in solidarity with women in India after the deadly gang rape of a 23-year-old student in New Delhi sparked outrage.
29.12.2012 11:54 Crime
An Indian student whose savage gang-rape on a bus in New Delhi sparked mass protests across the country died on Saturday in a Singapore hospital after suffering severe organ failure.
24.12.2012 12:31 Laws, Initiatives
Egypt's opposition said on Sunday it will appeal a referendum seen as voting in a new constitution backed by ruling Islamists, and vowed to keep up a struggle that has spawned weeks of protests and instability.
24.12.2012 11:48 People
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged calm and vowed to protect women as police on Monday struggled to quell increasing outrage over sex crimes following the gang-rape of a student.
16.12.2012 19:16 Laws, Initiatives
Egyptians vote Saturday on a new constitution supported by the ruling Islamists but bitterly contested by a secular-leaning opposition that failed to scupper the referendum with mass protests.
15.12.2012 14:45 Unrest
A terrorism trial against Thai leaders of the 2010 "Red Shirt" protests began on Friday, a day after the nation's former premier was charged over his role in the deadly unrest.
15.12.2012 10:04 Unrest
Myanmar authorities on Friday said they had made a fresh round of arrests over a spate of protests demanding apologies for a police crackdown on a rally at a Chinese-backed copper mine last month.
12.12.2012 12:33 Unrest
Hundreds of protesters in Bangladesh threw petrol bombs at police on Tuesday as opposition parties enforced a nationwide strike demanding elections under a neutral caretaker government.
11.12.2012 14:04 Unrest
Syria's uprising has shifted from popular street protests against President Bashar al-Assad to a full-fledged war, increasingly influenced by armed Islamists, in a far cry from the idealism of the Arab Spring.